Fachhochschule Kiel University, Germany, Use Sonifex S1 Mixer


The Fachhochschule Kiel, is a University of Applied Sciences in Kiel, Northern Germany, which offers courses in Multimedia Production and hosts a variety of editing suites and a radio studio.

A recent overhaul of the old static studio facilities in 2012, has led to its replacement with a tailor made mobile studio unit, which facilitates student operation in several auditoriums, whilst offering greater flexibility and ease of use during regular live productions and radio broadcasts.

viz<a>con GmbH is a long standing supplier to the university and Arne Heyna, their System Engineer, was responsible for the consultation, planning and installation of the new mobile studio. He chose to use the Sonifex S1 Digital/Analogue Radio Broadcast Mixer as the mobile console, which he purchased from Orange Tec, the Sonifex distributor in Stuttgart, Germany.


Heyna said: "The Sonifex S1 is perfect, it meets all of our technical requirements: the size, technical properties such as the number of channels, diversity of audio connections, routing, measurement, programmability, intuitive usage and it looks and feels good too." He added:" We'd like to thank  Ulrich Otte from OrangeTec for his great help on clarifying technical details concerning the Sonifex mixer."

The Sonifex S1 Radio Broadcast mixer is a high performance compact, low cost, fixed format mixing console designed for on-air radio use. It has a ‘no compromise on quality’ approach with an amazing feature set and offers a proper broadcast solution to small-scale commercial, community, educational and student radio stations that need a versatile, reliable radio broadcast mixer.

It has both analogue & digital inputs & outputs allowing simultaneous local and internet broadcasting. Providing in total 5 mic, 4 mono line, 10 stereo analogue, 2 stereo digital, 1 telco & 1 stereo cleanfeed inputs which you can switch between.

It also has a multitude of output connectivity consisting of: 1 balanced stereo analogue XLR PGM output;  1 digital stereo PGM AES/EBU or phono S/PDIF output;  2 balanced stereo AUX outputs on a 9-way D-type socket;1 mono clean feed output on balanced XLR (for use with a telephone hybrid); 1 stereo cleanfeed output on stereo balanced XLRs (for use with an ISDN/IP codec); and Monitor outputs for presenter headphones, guest headphones and loudspeakers.


Additional outputs are provided for talkback on a 9-way D-type socket and metering using a 15-way D-type socket.The digital outputs can be referenced to an internal clock source between 32 kHz and 96 kHz or external synchronisation sources can be connected via S/PDIF, AES/EBU or BNC wordclock. The illuminated DIGITAL SYNC LED shows when the digital output is locked to either an internal or external clock.

The S1 is a fixed format free standing mixing console with overall dimensions of 445mm x 400mm x 156mm deep.  It can be fitted flush into a desk-top, or with the addition of optional 9U 19” rack ears and can be controlled remotely via free Sonifex SCi software.