Eyeheight Compliance Legalisers Chosen for 2014 World Football Coverage in Brazil

The MaracanĂ£ Stadium in Rio de Janeiro with the Eyeheight LE-2M in foreground

Eyeheight compliance legalisers have been chosen for use in broadcast television coverage of the 2014 world football championship which is being hosted by Brazil. A total of 12 LE-2M channels housed in two 1U-high chassis are now on site ready for this year's tournament which commences with a match between Brazil and Croatia on Thursday June 12.

The series will culminate in the final on Sunday July 13 at MaracanĂ£ Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. A major rebuild of the stadium was completed during 2013 in anticipation both of this event and the 2016 Olympics.

"The bright sunlight in Rio, even during the southern hemisphere's winter season, can create very strong highlights," comments Eyeheight Sales Director Martin Moore. "These are exacerbated if captured on camera against shaded backgrounds cast by the new roof which covers 95 per cent of the seats inside the stadium. The LE-2M legalisers are designed to ensure that the levels of all signals arriving from onsite cameras or remote feeds are kept safely within a user-specified chroma gamut. This is vital both to ensure compliance with industry-set limits and to prevent overload further along the transmission chain."


Eyeheight compliance products are a permanent element of broadcast and post-production studios around the world. They have been used at many sports-related events, notably for coverage of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, the London Marathon and the Grand National.

The Eyeheight LE-2M auto-detects incoming SDI or HD-SDI video at 1080i/50/59.94, 720p/50/59.84, 625/50 or 525/59.94 and applies the appropriate legalising format. It then ensures that incoming signal video is held within user-selected colour-space parameters: RGB; YUV; composite (PAL or NTSC); or RGB-and-composite combined. Legalisation can be performed to conform with EBU-R 2003 standard SDI settings and 7.5 IRE or 0 IRE Pedestal. Six user memories and common presets are provided.


Additional features of the LE-2M legaliser include Eyeheight's unique clobberRing automatic luma overshoot and undershoot suppression together with luma and chroma gain, black level adjustment, hue rotation, adjustable clipping levels and soft-clipping-knee levels. An 'out-of-gamut' indication feed displays overshoot or undershoot severity and shows the user where on the picture any signal correction is being performed.

Up to six LE-2M legalisers can be housed in a 1U Eyeheight FB-9E smart chassis with an integral web server and optional FP-9 front control panel.

Eyeheight produces broadcast-standard technical compliance plug-ins for use with popular video editing software, including Avid, Adobe and Apple systems. Eyeheight also designs and manufactures 3G, 3D and HD-SDI equipment for video and audio content origination, quality-assurance, post-production, playout and associated areas. This includes audio descriptors, audio loudness conformers, color correctors, emergency switchers, mixers and keyers, safe area generators, subtitling decoders, text and graphics generators, timecode processors, video legalisers and widescreen signal generators. Eyeheight products are available worldwide.