Extremely Versatile Accessories

Marko Vucic trusts OConnor CFF-1 and O-Grips

"Out of the ordinary" is German director and photographer Marko Vucic's motto. Recently, he has produced a diverse range of promotional films for companies from the technical photography, broadcasting and feature film fields. To help get these jobs done he used the O-Grips Handgrips and the Cine Follow Focus CFF-1 from OConnor, a Vitec Group brand.

"We almost always use OConnor accessories – especially when versatile solutions such as special handheld rigs are required," says Marko. Using single-, double-, or even multi-joint handgrips, the modular O-Grips system can be adjusted to all customer-specific applications. In addition, every individual O-Grip is steplessly adjustable.

Modular and versatile
Each individual handgrip allows for a load of 20 kg, enabling Marko and his team to use them with the RED One as well as with smaller DSLR cameras such as the Nikon D3S and Canon EOS 5D Mk2. "I like the modularity and versatility of OConnor accessories," adds Marko. "The O-Grips enable a fast change between 19mm studio and 15mm LWS (Light Weight Support) rod systems; and the Cine Follow Focus provides different bridges for 15/19mm studio as well as 15mm LWS and can be extended with optional adapters and used as a double-sided unit. The biggest advantage of the CFF-1, however, is its low design height that easily enables the use of extreme wide-angle lenses." The CFF-1 has the lowest available design height of a follow focus with double-sided operation.


Robust and dependable
Filming was done under an array of conditions: during the day and at night, indoors and outdoors, in summer heat, and during severe storms. "I love exciting filming locations and new ideas!" says Marko. "My experiences with OConnor have been positive, the products are robust, dependable, easy to operate and offer exceptional versatility."