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EVS XT[2] Multicam V10 offers full integration with ARRI Media HiMotion cameras

Arri Media HiMotion

With EVS’ XT[2] Multicam 10 software release, available May 2009, all existing XT[2] LSM systems will offer a higher level of integration with ARRI Media Hi-Motion systems. ARRI Media is the specialist in high-speed High Definition cameras. This new integration with hypermotion cameras will allow live sport operators to manage all hypermotion functions, including recording, replay, and clipping, directly from the EVS LSM remote controller.

Action can be slowed down by a factor of 6x or 12x at 300fps and 24x at 600fps

The Hi-Motion is a true high definition, high speed camera that can integrate directly into a multi-camera broadcast infrastructure. Developed by NAC Image Technology, the system is capable of recording images up to 600 frames per second with a true HDTV resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Fast-paced action can be slowed down by a factor of 6x or 12x at 300fps and 24x at 600fps to provide stunningly smooth slow-motion playback. Images are captured by 3 state-of-the-art CMOS sensors and recorded to a solid-state memory (RAM) in the camera head, which provides 22 seconds at 300fps and 11 seconds at 600fps. The uncompressed recording is available instantly for playback live-to-air, with no processing delay.

Control of all the required features

The XT[2]-LSM control of the Hi-Motion system covers all the required features, including: • Cue and Search using the “Mark” and “Last Cue” keys • Record and Play are used to control the recording and playback in the Hi-Motion system • Greatly improved Jog and Search using the EVS Jog Dial • Utilisation of the “T” Bar for both high-speed search as well as off-speed playback • While playing on the Hi-Motion the ability to mark In & Out points and save the clip in the XT[2], even without controlling a player • Accessible key to switch between the Hi-Motion control on the PGM • Direct and easy control of “Block” Recording and Playback in the Hi-Motion with Cam keys A-D corresponding to Blocks 1-4


Multicam 10 is available for all existing XT[2] servers

Michael Dufranne, MulticamLSM Product Manager at EVS, says, “From the earliest use of Hi-Motion in 2006, on Premiership Football in the UK and World Cup Football in Germany, the XT[2] has recorded and played out the output of the camera when used in live events. However the EVS operator, working in the intensive environment of live sports broadcasting, has had to operate across two different control panels: the Musashi Controller managing the Hi-Motion record/replay and the ubiquitous EVS controller to clip up and play into the live transmission. With the release of Multicam 10, available for all existing XT[2] servers, the operator works on one panel, the EVS controller, connected to the XT[2] server controlling the Hi-Motion record/replay as well as all the functions of the XT[2].”

At the Beijing Olympic Games, seven Hi-Motion systems were utilised

Andy Hayford, Digital High-Speed Manager at ARRI Media, said: “Since 2006, Hi-Motion from ARRI Media & NAC has become known as the high-speed High Definition camera of choice for major sports broadcasters around the world. Hi-Motion is used to provide extreme slow-motion 'Hypermotion' replays, available instantly in full HD quality for sports coverage. Hi-Motion is utilised to cover a diverse range of major international and domestic sporting events including: football, rugby, tennis, cricket, golf, motor racing, baseball, American football, skiing, cycling, boxing, equestrian sports, badminton, and horse racing. In fact at the Beijing Olympic Games, seven Hi-Motion systems were utilised extensively by the Host Broadcaster (BOB) for a wide variety of Sports.” Andy adds, “The EVS XT[2] production server is synonymous with sports production and worldwide broadcasting, as it is used for action replays, highlights packaging, feed streaming, and time shifting." The Hi-Motion system is available from ARRI Media in the UK and partners in Japan, USA, France and Germany.