EVS Workflow Brings Speed and Efficiency to Mega Studios


Chilean television network Mega has implemented a new file-based workflow from EVS for its production of live and studio-based entertainment programming.

Multiple XS production servers from EVS form the backbone for new systems in two studios. With its unique continuous loop recording, the four-channel XS server is designed for studio applications and supports a wide range of codecs with high speed and reactivity. EVS’ IPDirector asset management suites are used for full production control, allowing everything from ingest control and metadata management to on-the-fly editing.

“The new workflow gives us tremendous advantages over our prior tape-based system,” said Saul Ureta, engineering and technical operation manager of Mega. “Multi-angle ingest has been a priority for us for a long time, but in the past it was complicated and required a lot of technical resources.”


The system also incorporates EVS’ XTAccess, which is used to reliably handle all station transcoding through Watch Folders. The new workflow is fully integrated with Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro and in a few months with the Avid editing platform, which all are heavily used in Mega’s live programs and daily shows including "Mucho Gusto", "Morandé Con Compañía", “Secreto a Voces”, and “Más Vale Tarde”, as well for sports programs and most of the studio productions from Mega.

“In addition to giving us much greater speed and efficiency, the new system is also easy to use and offers greater compatibility with third-party tools and systems,” added Ureta. “We couldn’t be happier and this comes directly from the testimony of our final users on the EVS platform.”


“The XS server, along with other EVS tools, is operating as it was designed: to provide studio environments with speed, efficiency and reliability, and as well as the flexibility to expand when needed,” said Benjamin Mariage, vice president sales, Latin America, EVS.

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