EVS strengthens its Live Sports Graphics analysis offerings

EVS for Live

EVS will raise the curtain on its future live Offside Line graphics solution, which will become an integral part of the renowned XT[2] server and its Live Slow-Motion controller. With this new fully automated offside line graphic overlay EVS confirms its intention to reinforce its current live sports recording and production technology. LSM operators can instantly control the offside line graphic overlay, allowing them to optimize their live production workflow without additional resources.

Pierre L’Hoest, “We are extremely pleased to present to the broadcast industry the future graphic features that EVS is going to include in its XT[2]-MulticamLSM live production technology. We aim to offer sport broadcasters enhanced live production capabilities for the football competitions that will take place in 2010. EVS is committed to help broadcasters and sport producers to optimize the quality and pertinence of their live productions. We firmly believe that EVS’ graphic tools for live analyses, and their integration with the XT[2]-LSM system, will without a doubt add value to our offering.” The EVS virtual offside line solution is maximized for instant replay at any moment during a live football game. The new system will be easily implemented as an add-on tool to the existing EVS XT[2]-LSM systems, available in worldwide mobile production facilities. Based on the combination of multi-camera (multiple angles) recording with the EVS XT[2] server and patented algorithmic codes implemented with add-on graphics, the EVS Offside Line Creator offers real-time and fully automatic drawings of the field and its limits.