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EVS Presents New ENG Files Import & Virtual Editing Tool at NAB

Xedio Laptop

EVS Broadcast Equipment, the leader in Instant Tapeless Technology will be presenting Xedio Dispatcher, the ENG files import and virtual editing system optimizing field ENG operations and integration with broadcast centres. Xedio Dispatcher functions will be demonstrated in exclusivity during the NAB show at the EVS stand in Central Hall (C9508).

Xedio Dispatcher dynamically accesses and instantly displays all the recorded media

Xedio Dispatcher is the new software application that belongs to the EVS modular production suite, Xedio. It has been designed to offer smooth and efficient reviewing, clipping and on-the-fly transcoding of media recorded on ENG file based camcorders, including Sony XDCAM and Panasonic P2. The software can be hosted on any Windows based computer system, and can be carried out on laptop computers by ENG crews.

Simply connect an ENG camcorder or card/disks reader to the pc, and Xedio Dispatcher dynamically accesses and instantly displays all the recorded media with their associated metadata (clip name, thumbnail, time in/out and clip duration) on an intuitive interface, enabling instant browsing for clip selection, sub-clipping and/or fast rough-cut editing.

New virtual clips and rough-cut edits are immediately ready for transfer

Xedio Dispatcher offers a range of clipping and rough-cut actions in High resolution or Low resolution modes. And since the media are virtually edited in-place on the ENG device, there is no need for media duplication or for any transcoding/rewrapping process during these operations. A user friendly player can be used to review the result of single or multiple virtual rough-cuts edits ,directly accessing media available on the ENG device. A built-in logging tool also allows instant logging on clips and/or edits.

New virtual clips and rough-cut edits are immediately ready for transfer to the studio or broadcast center for further production or post-production operations.

Xedio Dispatcher transfers material from the source(s), managing on-the-fly sub-clipping, consolidation and intelligent conformation in the designated codec and file wrapper. Rough-cut edits and files transferred from the ENG devices through Xedio Dispatcher on EVS series servers (XT[2], XT[2]+ or XS) can be edited or played out while the transfer process is still running, avoiding any time disruption during quick turnaround production operations.

Robert Bury, General Manager of the Xedio Business Unit at EVS said: “Xedio Dispatcher gives ENG crews and journalists on the field the opportunity to easily consolidate their rough-cut edits immediately after shooting. No time is wasted on long ENG file transfers and export operations, so that journalists can focus on rough-cut edits and save valuable


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EVS Broadcast Equipment is a leader in the design of hardware and software for the production and playout of sport, news and TV programs in both live and near live environments. Its innovative Live Slow Motion system revolutionized live broadcasting, and its instant tapeless technology is now widely used in nonlinear editing and High Definition Television the world over.

The company sells its branded products in more than 70 countries and is capable of providing service in any region. EVS has offices in Belgium, China, Germany, France, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Spain, and the United States.