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EVS to Present its Latest "Designed-to-Perform" Solutions at NAB 2011

EVS will spotlight its wide range of new solutions at the 2011 NAB Show in Las Vegas from April 10 to 14

At this year’s NAB EVS will introduce its latest solutions that are designed to perform including: advanced production and content management tools for fast-turnaround productions; new live sports production tools that allow graphic inserts and live 3D editing; and its EVS-OpenCube range of MXF based solutions for tape ingest and workflow digitization. Come and discover these exciting innovations at the EVS stand, Central Hall, Booth C9508.

At the NAB Show, EVS will be unveiling a full range of integrated solutions and applications for streamlining production operations:

IPDirector for Fast & Efficient Production

The latest version of EVS’ IPDirector offers broadcasters and producers a unique opportunity to boost their workflow’s speed and efficiency. Its innovative architecture, modularity and advanced database management system means that it can be easily adapted to a wide variety of TV and broadcast production facilities. The following features will be presented at NAB:

• New API and MOS protocol support ensuring full interoperability with all types of 3rd-party systems, such as asset management, automation, and NRCS including Avid I-News, ENPS or Annova systems

• Extended integration with NLE systems, including media exchange with Avid editors and new EVS FCP Export Plug-in designed for Apple Final Cut Pro users, which allows them to easily export edited sequences or job requests to an EVS server or near line storage


Xedio Flash, An All-in-One News Production Workflow

EVS will introduce Xedio Flash, an integrated hardware & software system offering all-in-one newsroom capabilities. Xedio Flash is designed for small and regional newsrooms, and presents the following key advantages:

• A turnkey newsroom production system that fits into a single 16RU rack, including ingest, production, editing, storage and playout modules

• Optimized for fast production with edit while ingest and playout with no rendering

• A full format agnostic platform with native support of multiple SD/HD codec (including XDCAM, Avid DNxHD®, Apple ProRES) and ability to mix SD/HD files on the same timeline

• Open architecture and seamless file exchange with third-party craft editors and MOS Gateway for data exchange with NRCS

Extended Sports Production from Mobile Units to Broadcast Centers

EVS reinforces the power of live sports with the introduction of a new generation of production and media management solutions that breaks the boundaries of live operations. EVS will present the following innovations:

Advanced Live Graphics: Epsio and its new live graphics tools, which offers a range of live auto-generated overlay graphics integrated in the LSM remote controller, will be presented in 3D mode, as well as with third-party graphic integration

3D Live Editing: IPEdit, EVS’ live editing tool, will be presented with its new 3D feature that allows it to work instantly on live 3D feeds recorded on EVS XT series server for rough cut or highlights editing

HyperMotion & 3D SuperMotion Live Replays: EVS will present its latest integrations with third-party HyperMotion systems and will unveil 3D SuperMotion replay on its XT-LSM platform


Tape Ingest & MXF Tools

EVS-OpenCube will present the latest versions of its tape ingest and DCP servers based on advanced MXF file and native multi-codec support (XDCAM HD, JPEG2000, Avid DNxHD), which offer producers and operators an efficient approach to streamlining production, post and D-cinema digitization processes. In addition, EVS’ MXF special division will introduce ENGSoft, its new solution for ENG XDCAM & P2 file and associated metadata import to the Avid editing environment.

Live to Post-Production Solutions

EVS will demonstrate a range of applications aiming to optimize post-production operations in various broadcast environments. The following solutions will be presented:

Director’s Cut: A new IPDirector feature that allows to stream or back-up the director’s cut along with different ISO clips and metadata as an EDL in native format to Avid or Apple Final Cut Pro

Insio: Insio is the ideal tool for recording and streaming sessions of today’s TV series or drama and includes multi-camera angles review, selection, clip creation and transfer to post-production. ProNotes is an intuitive metadata management tool associated to Insio that allows the producer or the AP to add descriptive tags linked to the each sequence for the production and post-production teams. ProNotes on iPad will be presented at the show.


About EVS

EVS is a leader in the design of hardware and software solutions for Live and fast-turnaround productions of Sports, News and TV Entertainment programs. Its innovative Live Slow Motion system revolutionized live broadcasting, and its Instant Tapeless Technology is now widely used in nonlinear editing and High Definition Television the world over.The company sells its branded products and integrated tapeless solutions in over 90 countries and is able to provide customer support services in any region. EVS is headquartered in Belgium and has offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.