EVS @ NAB 2012

EVS at NAB 2012 - Booth SL3815

EVS Sports360° solutions - XT3 - EVS Sports360° solutions - CCast - News solutions - Xedio - News – Integrated, Modular, High Speed solutions - EVS E/E News - TV Production solution - REC2Post - New product name: Media Toolset - File Exchange & Mastering solutions - MXF file-based server

EVS Sports360° solutions - XT3
The XT3 is EVS’ future-proof recording and media server featuring eight channels in loop recording mode. This unique hybrid media sharing network is the industry’s first 3Gbps (single link) video in/out capable system with embedded high/low res management.

EVS Sports360° solutions - CCast
The new version of CCast, part of EVS’ Sports360°, represents the industry’s first advanced multi-cam solution allowing instant distribution of multiple camera angles on web-connected screens during live productions. Suited to any sports, it offers unlimited possibilities for multiple audiences including TV viewers, spectators, coaches, journalists and referees. With fully-modular and service-oriented architecture, CCast adapts to any kind of business or workflow, and offers advanced integration with third-party web systems and data import such as statistics, commercials and tweets.


News solutions - Xedio
The new generation of Xedio file-based news editors offers journalists an efficient integrated toolset for immediate news field editing operations, allowing them to review, select, log and edit media recorded on any type of ENG solid state camcorders. Xedio’s virtual media processing engine guarantees instant media reviewing and operations without cumbersome physical file transfers.

News – Integrated, Modular, High Speed solutions - EVS E/E News
EVS’ end-to-end news production solution combines the best of IT and live broadcast architectures. Meeting the most demanding workflow requirements, it guarantees the highest speed and most reliable ingest and playout. Features include:
o    Advanced media ingest including multiple file import
o    Integrated content management and media sharing based on SOA, and advanced third party systems integration
o    Scalable storage with extended client-browsing and editing (incl. web services)
o    Instant playout with playlist management including modular back-up playout system


TV Production solution - REC2Post
EVS REC2Post solutions increase productivity of TV production facilities by reducing cost and complexity. Relying on XS high-speed studio servers, they adapt to any studio requirements, streamlining media accessibility for production and post-production teams. EVS will demonstrate the strengths of REC2Post:
o    Remote production – remote multicam feeds/ file recording with auto-backup streaming on portable storage
o    Live to Tapeless –  live multicam production with on-the-fly timeline editing
o    Advanced Director’s Cut - directors’ cut recording with associated multicam angles
o    Recording session control - advanced multicam recording control/logging for post-production operations

New product name: Media Toolset - File Exchange & Mastering solutions - MXF file-based server
EVS unveils its latest toolset for media exchange and file mastering to streamline any broadcast and media workflow operations including the new version of the OpenCube server. OpenCube server combines the best of MXF file mastering technologies and advanced media conforming systems. The new generation of MXF file-based server is offering full mastering of AS02, AS03, and IMF formats, as required by Hollywood studios. Used to digitise the French National Archive (INA), the server’s a format-agnostic platform supporting all standard codecs on a full service-oriented architecture.