EVS introduces collaborative editing with Adobe Anywhere

New integration extends EVS live file access, metadata and delivery workflows with expanded collaborative workflows for editors

EVS, the leading provider of live video production systems, announces new integration with Adobe® Anywhere, Adobe’s collaborative video workflow platform.

“Adobe Anywhere enables teams of talent to collaborate and create productions from virtually any location where there is network connectivity. These customers need the fastest turnaround workflows possible,” said Simon Williams, senior director of business development at Adobe. “EVS servers and live content management tools are critical aspects of these demanding workflows for broadcasters and editors working with live content. Faster, integrated access to EVS live systems only improves the output and efficiency of editors using Adobe solutions, including Adobe Anywhere.”

Through EVS’ IPLink plug-in extension panel for Adobe Premiere® Pro CC, EVS provides editors with high-speed access to live content while content is still being ingested, and allows easy delivery for fast playout.  Editors can search through logging and clip metadata; locate content from live bins; preview content and make decisions without committing to final content; and bring the fast-paced multi-camera content into their edits.


The added value of Adobe Anywhere brings the next degree of power to environments that need to collaborate and define best team-based editing solutions for fast-action productions.  The collaboration hub gives editors access to centralized production files from any workstation; allows production versioning and conflict resolution; and provides views to activity feeds.  Data remains secure in the event of a hardware or software issue.

“By extending our offering with Adobe Anywhere, we’re providing editors with vital collaborative capabilities and immediate editing visibility to much larger teams,” said Henry Alexander, SVP Market and Product, EVS. “This important step in our partnership with Adobe brings our editing workflows, integrated live content management and storage solutions to the next level.”


About EVS
EVS is globally recognized as the technology leader for live video production. The company introduced Live Slow Motion replay in 1994, and has continued to build on its reputation for quality and reliability with solutions that enhance live sports, entertainment and news content. Innovations – such as the C-Cast multimedia platform and DYVI IT-based switcher – are raising the bar for live production enrichment, management and distribution. Broadcasters, rights owners, producers and venues alike use EVS to maximize the value of their productions and increase revenue streams.
The company is headquartered in Belgium with offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America, and provides sales and technical support to over 100 countries.