EVS Enters Argentinian Studios with its Tapeless Workflow Solutions

EVS’ technology will provide Studio and truck workflow equipment to Artear and Carburando

Artear has opted for EVS’ technology for Argentina’s production company and television station.  It’s a major step for EVS to equip Argentinian studios: Carburando, a production company that covers car racing events for Broadcaster Canal 13.

EVS’ technology will provide Studio and truck workflow equipment to Artear and Carburando with two 6-channel XT2 servers (in-studio) allowing to record, control and easily play media in a fast-paced live or near-live environment.  Based on its open architecture platform, the server offers a complete tapeless workflow solution integrating with Avid for studio editing.  Files are then transferred and saved on the XFile removable storage unit.  One XTAccess has been acquired to move media from a video server to central storage and post-production environment.  This tool transfers high-resolution streams and can also manage on the fly transcodes to a proxy with a matched tape ID.

In the field, Carburando will be using one XTAccess unit in the OB truck as well as one 8-channel SD/HD XT3 server enabling live operations in the most demanding live and near-live production requirements.  The server includes more audio tracks and increased storage in the remote facility.  A 6-channel XTnano will also be installed in the OB facility for live slow motion and super slow motion replays as well as clipping and playlist creations.


In Artear’s case, it will be using the 6-channel SD/HD XT2+ server to remain up-to-date with today’s High Definition broadcast standards.  It will also keep an XFile storage unit on hand for live streams.

“EVS only offers the most competitive package possible to adapt to the client’s needs.”   says Benjamin Mariage, Sales Manager for Latin America. “EVS is really proud to meet Artear’s  and Carburando’s requirements. They needed several up-to-date technologies to offer the best-possible coverage to its viewers, and we worked closely with our local partner BVS to propose the final solution.’


Andrea Mirson from Canal 13 comments "Having used an EVS server for the last 10 years in our truck, we are happy to have EVS solutions enter our studios.  When covering an event that requires broadcasting from a remote location, we need the best possible equipment that is reliable for instant replays and edits to transmit high quality and high definition material to our viewers."