EVS’ C-Cast Live at EBU Cloud Workshop


EVS, the Belgian-based provider of high-speed broadcast technology, will showcase its second-screen media delivery platform, C-Cast, in the demo zone during the EBU Cloud workshop on 20-21 November in Geneva. EVS’ product manager, Stéphane Houet, will discuss opportunities offered by cloud solutions for the broadcast market and will focus on how the platform C-Cast benefit.

C-Cast supplements the value of live and near-live sports events, and makes them more flexible for the new generation of multi-tasking media consumers. It delivers instant additional content to viewers on second-screen connected devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops, and gives them the ability to view content the way they want and from the angle they want to view it.


With a fully modular and service-oriented architecture, C-Cast adapts to any kind of business or workflow, offering advanced integration with third-party web systems and data import such as statistics or social media data feeds. Viewers also benefit from additional angles or third-party content, while simultaneously reviewing tweets.

The EBU Cloud workshop will assess what broadcasters should take into account before considering cloud solutions and aims to demystify cloud technologies for broadcasters, with a particular focus on media production tools. The event will also speak in real terms to expose and explore the business opportunities that exist within the cloud.

Houet will showcase C-Cast during breaks.