EURO MEDIA FRANCE: VCF, SFP and Euro Media Télévision have merged into a single entity


The three leading companies in the sports and entertainment markets have joined forces to provide customers with an even more responsive professional service. For smooth, effi cient operations, the activities of EURO MEDIA FRANCE have been divided into 3 departments:
• Entertainment
• Sports Coverage, RF Broadcasting
• Real TV, Events, Corporate

Since January 1st 2010, the EURO MEDIA FRANCE teams are pleased to provide you with:
• More fl exibility now that our human, technical and real estate resources are pooled together
• Increased day to day exposure, with a dedicated contact person for your projects
• Gains in creativity by taking advantage of the wide range of skills we have to offer
• More innovative service offers to meet your requirements
• Our new website with easy access to the technical specifi cations of our vans and sets