Euro Media France Invents the e-box

One of the numerous novelties of this modular tool is the ability to create and record mutiresolutions

To deal with the increasing equipment demands for "real television" Euro Media France conceived the idea of new a new mobile technology: the e-box. Halfway between an OB truck and a fly control room, the e-box consists of a control room installed in 2 portakabins. One hosts the filming control room, whilst the other the production hub.

Dedicated to immersion filming, the e-box can be deployed quickly thanks to the techniques it uses (SMPTE fibre optics, audio network etc.) to become a custom-built audiovisual production tool optimising connectivity, whilst ensuring a technical aspect which is both uniform and ambitious. The E-box can be used for ‘directed’ recording, or ‘multi-angle’ or so called ‘Zoning for more flexibility in post-production.

To complement this equipment EMF has invested in the purchase of 60 Remote Panasonic AW HE 120 cameras, as well as 10 HD recording streamers with Log and média Asset Management, which means that all phases of production from live scripting to editing via distance viewing will be taken care of, thanks to the adapted interfaces. This tool makes use of 80 dynamic microphones and 20 HF microphones, but can be upgraded to have up to 128 dynamic, 64 HF and 100 cameras.


One of the numerous novelties of this modular tool is the ability to create and record mutiresolutions (DNX Avid, 10/1, H264 etc), which means that conversion stages can be eliminated, in part, in post-production.

A further innovation would be the addition of a robotic LTO 250 slots, so that media can be stored in LTO format as soon as it arrives in post-production, which translates into a substantial saving in terms of consumables.

Thanks to its expertise and recognised know-how, a dedicated technical team developed this new tool so that EMF can also develop its range of services.

With the integration of this new technical equipment EMF can offer to its clients new technical services that are robust and reliable, as much for signal recording (image and sound) as for management.


Euro Media France would like to thank their partners for their investment in this project: Active Circle, Eliote, EVS, IPV, Jenoptec, Light & Co, lite4life, Panasonic France, Soft4Tv, Tapages & Nocturnes

About Euro Media France
From pre-production to broadcast, Euro Media France ensures a comprehensive or tailor-made service for film footage (shows, games, films, entertainment programmes, sports and HF, event driven and institutional), post-production image and sound, duplication, decoration, etc.). The company has the first platform and mobile video park in France (63 platforms - 47.933 m² and 24 mobile units). Euro Media France also provides cutting edge technological services such as super slow-motion, virtual imagery, graphic illustrating and even 3D.