Ericsson Powers Linear TV for the Multi-platform, Multi-screen World

Ericsson showcases the most complete multi-screen TV solution portfolio for multi-platform ecosystems

At NAB Ericsson showed the industry’s most complete portfolio of solutions for the entire professional video value chain. The company demonstrated how it is driving the realization of a new world of multi-screen entertainment with vision and solutions that enable service providers to provide unique TV experiences, on all devices. Demonstrations of Ericsson’s latest solutions will showed how it is maximizing content value, enabling efficient video delivery, powering multi-screen TV consumer experiences and unifying multi-platform ecosystems to enable every TV service provider to be multi-screen capable.

"Consumers are increasingly embracing the ‘TV anywhere’ experience, and expect every device they own to be part of their entertainment experience. As a result, broadcasters and TV service providers need to evolve linear and on-demand TV into rich, blended and socially aware multi-screen offerings, and leverage multi-platform delivery and capability to unify delivery networks, back-office systems and client technologies for maximum efficiency and scale," said Staffan Pehrson, Vice President and Head of TV, Ericsson. "In this increasingly complex world, we are enabling the multi-screen generation through consumer insight, technology leadership and a vision and commitment to open standards, combined with the unparalleled services capability Ericsson has."

At NAB, Ericsson will launched a number of new products, extending its position in enabling broadcasters and operators to acquire, exchange and deliver high quality content with best in class video processing performance. Visitors to Ericsson’s booth (SU819) will be able to see live demonstrations of these new products alongside Ericsson’s complete portfolio of multi award-winning solutions and services for content acquisition, creation, management, exchange and delivery to consumers. Ericsson’s products help broadcasters and TV service providers become more profitable by expanding their offering, driving new revenues through innovation and excellence, and reducing operation costs in an increasingly complex video landscape.


NAB highlights included:

Launch of a new video processing platform called AVP - This new multi-codec, multi-function video compression and processing platform provides greater performance, scalability, flexibility and efficiency for broadcasters and TV service providers. A number of key AVP configurations will be launched in Las Vegas to extend Ericsson’s leadership in live and linear video processing throughout the value chain of content acquisition to delivery to the consumer.

Ericsson announces new compression platform to maximize the linear TV value chain


Launch of new dedicated video processing solution for ATSC - ATSC broadcasters are experiencing increased operational and bandwidth pressures as they move to cost-effectively deliver more of the high quality fixed and mobile video services that viewers demand. The AVP4100 ATSC Integrated System is a self contained multi-channel headend processing system for the creation of efficient, high quality ATSC multiplex broadcasts within a single rack unit platform. This reduces operational costs in addition to offering Ericsson’s world-class compression performance and video quality.

Launch of the new AVP3000 Voyager with multi-codec, multi-network support - The launch makes this the most advanced live content acquisition solution on the market and the only product to offer a hot-swappable modular architecture capable of supporting MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and JPEG 2000 video compression over satellite and IP networks.

Launch of the new AVP2000 Contribution Encoder - The launch makes this the most advanced linear content exchange and distribution platform on the market. In addition to the MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, JPEG 2000 support, new additions include increased density of video processing, video monitoring on the front panel and additional interfaces for analog video, G.703 networking and contact closures (GPI).

NAB Show debut of Multi-screen Video Processing - A critical challenge with multi-screen TV services is offering hundreds of linear and live TV channels that consumers are demanding on all devices as part of a full multi-screen TV proposition. The award winning Ericsson Multiscreen Video Processing solution provides the most powerful and flexible approach to the growing multi-screen market. It enables high quality and cost-effective processing of hundreds of channels into the thousands of adaptive streaming profiles necessary for a true ‘TV anywhere’ experience. The solution consists of the Ericsson SPR1200, a highly dense hardware-based multi-screen transcoder that solves the scaling challenge; and the Ericsson NPR1200, a highly flexible multi-screen network processor for packaging and publishing linear multi-screen content. These units combine into one highly scalable solution that provides sufficient power to solve the multi-screen challenge not just today, but into the future.