Ericsson Defines the Consumer TV Experience of 2020

In depth look at the expectations of viewers in 2020, and the evolution this will drive in the consumer TV experience

The Ericsson Media Vision 2020 project maps out the company’s strategic view of the future, showing how the TV and media landscape will evolve. Ericsson says it has defined the six most influential factors that are driving Media Vision 2020 as Game Changers, each of which are interconnected business, consumer and technology fundamentals.

Ericsson’s “Forever Evolving Experience” is the first of the six Game Changers. Launched today, the paper paints a picture of how the consumer generation of 2020 will expect TV, film and gaming experiences to be integrated, accessible and tailored to their interests, devices and personal situations. Higher definition, multiple screens and interactivity will wrap seamlessly around premium content in a world where video merges with social media. Ericsson also explores how the definition of ‘experience’ is broadening as the media industry loses its exclusivity in shaping this to device manufacturers, social networks and app ecosystems.


“Consumers are rapidly evolving their values and assumptions around the discovery, access, payment and experience of TV content and the media industry must adapt to meet these expectations,” said Per Borgklint, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Unit Support Solutions, Ericsson. “Content owners and broadcasters must change programming formats, distribution rights and advertising models. TV service providers must become ultimate aggregators and enable their viewers to pick and mix content, discover content in a targeted way and find everything on anything. We have mapped out our vision of the evolving TV experience to give our customers the insight they need to satisfy the demanding consumers of 2020.”

As consumers drive change and place demands on the technology and business models of the media industry, Ericsson’s Forever Evolving Experience Game Changer highlights specific impacts that enable content owners, broadcasters, TV service providers, network owners and advertisers to succeed on the road to 2020.