EPTV Chooses oratis Once Again


EPTV, Emissoras Pioneiras de Televisão, is part of Globo TV, Brazil's largest broadcaster. The regional broadcaster operates four TV stations in the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

As part of a technology upgrade, the stations in São Carlos and Ribeirão Petro are being equipped with a CS 1624 LINK intercom unit from the oratis compact series and up to 16 DELEC subscriber panels. The new intercom systems facilitate internal communication and will also be used for coordination between the four TV stations. DELEC technology is being installed to establish an intercom network that will interconnect all EPTV stations. This will guarantee flexible communication with each other. An external codec enables signal transmission via audio over IP in this regional network.

CS 1624 LINK intercom unit from the oratis compact series


For the time being, the TV stations in Varghina and Campinas will connect to this network with their legacy systems. Infrastructure is already in place to ensure DELEC intercom systems can be deployed in these locations in the future.

In January 2014, TV Globo entered into a contract to equip two outside broadcast vehicles each with an intercom system from the oratis compact family. This includes an EPTV OB vehicle in Campinas, which will be used to broadcast the World Cup. The installation of this intercom network constitutes the second major project performed by ASPA STAGETEC BRASIL this year.