Enhanced Wireless Connectivity for Professional Camcorders

Wi-Fi Operation and Compatibility with Mobile Devices Streamlines News and Production Workflows

Sony is adding a new level of affordable wireless connectivity to its line of professional camcorders. The new wireless adapter, model CBK-WA100, is designed to significantly accelerate the News and Production workflows by enabling easy transmission of content over a wireless network significantly accelerating the ENG workflow. The CBK-WA100 adapter connects directly to a camera and allows XAVC proxy files to be created and then saved on an SD card in the adapter.  The CBK-WA100 is then able to upload the proxy content and the original high-resolution content via 3G/4G/LTE/Wi-Fi* to a broadcast station, on premise server or to a cloud environment

By supporting Wi-Fi connectivity, the CBK-WA100 allows tablets or smartphones to interact with it and control it via Sony’s Content Browser Mobile application. This connectivity for XDCAM camcorders allows users on their mobile device to remotely control the camera, logging metadata on set and reviewing content without having to connect a monitor to the camcorder.  The ability to log metadata increases workflow by facilitating auto ingest at broadcast stations and can also provide an easy search and preview of related content such as shooting date, time, place or notes.


“Wireless connectivity is critical for streamlined production between the field and studio,” said Fabien Pisano, Strategic Marketing Manager, Sony Professional Solutions, Sony Europe. “Also, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are commonly used in every professional application, including ENG and EFP. Combining these two capabilities result in a new workflow for the future.” The adapter is compatible with Sony’s full line of XDCAM Memory camcorders and field gear; such as PMW-500/400/300/200/150/160/50 models.   It also works with products that have an HD-SDI output such as the PDW-F800/700/680 and XDCAM EX models.  For Sony’s new PMW-400 shoulder-mount camcorder, a special version (model CBK-WA101) is exclusively available which enables a one-action attachment/detachment of the adapter.

For production, the modern workflow enables transmitting dailies from a field location, monitoring recorded images quickly on-site, remotely sharing edited work on a cloud platform and more.  Ci SM a cloud platform powered by Sony Media Cloud Services, is available for customers in the U.S. and European countries.


A new optional battery, BP-U60T, is also available for XDCAM handy type camcorders such as PMW-300/200/150/160 and PMW-50 field gear.  In addition to powering the camcorder, the BP-U60T has an output cable that allows the new battery to supply power to the Wireless Adapter. For a full description of features and technical specifications, please visit www.pro.sony.eu/pro/product/CBK-WA100


The new wireless adapter, CBK-WA100, is planned to be available in October; model  CBK-WA101 is planned to be available in November, 2013.

*For wireless transmission, Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE dongles are necessary.  For Wi-Fi dongle, Sony’s “IFU-WLM3”, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi dongle is available.  As for the Modem dongle, recommended model differs country by country depending on carrier.