ENEX, BCE and Streambox Sign Live over IP Deal

BCE (Broadcasting Center Europe), Streambox Inc. and Enex signed an agreement to deploy new LIVE features to over 50 leading broadcasters around the globe using the enhanced BCE Newslink Platform.

Newslink initial platform, build to offer video file sharing, will now have the capabilities to share real-time HD content from any Enex broadcast member to another using the sophisticated cloud streaming technology.

For the past months, both BCE and Streambox have been in collaboration to establish an open design platform allowing new features and additions future integration. Today's deployment stemmed from a three-way partnership allowing members to search, edit, route & download in order to deliver accurately the latest news to all its viewers.


With over 50 Enex members using Newslink to exchange content daily, this new feature sends live video content via IP instead of the traditional satellite. Not only this results in a reduction of operation costs, it also opens the door to increase live feed video exchange between Enex members. With the global cloud infrastructure provided by Streambox, Enex members can contribute securely using BCE’s Newslink system to increase mobility and transmission capabilities from the field.

Enex is a global news provider


“At BCE we’re very happy with this agreement and we’re looking forward to deploy the solution over the next years. It’s really a major success as it has been integrated in our Newslink system in a very short time. During the Greek Referendum in July 2015, the solution was already up and running and gave entire satisfaction to ENEX and its members”, commented Tun Van Rijswijck, COO at BCE

“We at Enex are really excited to be the first beneficiary of this partnership between BCE and Streambox. We can now connect more easily to our partners that are growing further and further in field from the traditional European footprint. If we want to reach partners in Guatemala, Honduras, Japan and Australia, we require a diversity of different connectivity solutions. This latest iteration of the Newslink server from BCE and Streambox really gives us a fantastic opportunity to connect with our partners and provide them with a much better and a greater diversity of service”, said Adrian Wells, Managing Director of Enex


“Two years ago Enex, BCE, and Streambox met at the IBC show and came up with this synergy. We are very grateful for BCE’s cooperation to make this project happen and these last months, working with the Enex Technology Team was really exciting and inspiring.  This live addition to the BCE’s Newslink service will provide members premium quality and reliable video transport for worldwide sharing and broadcasting of news”, concluded Alex Telitsine, CTO and Co-Founder of Streambox Inc.

About ENEX
Enex is a global news provider, founded in 1994 as a cooperative of leading commercial broadcasters. It has 53 full members, including Europe’s largest commercial broadcaster, RTL Group, Sky News in Great Britain, CBS in the United States and 11 broadcasters in Latin America. The organization organises the sharing of news packages with accompanying editorial information, live transmissions from big events and breaking news spots and location services for its members.


About BCE
BCE is a European leader in technical services in the areas of television, radio, production and postproduction, telecommunication and IT. With its extensive  experience on the media market, our team provides high-quality services and will always find the solution that matches your project and budget. With more than 200 highly qualified and motivated personnel, BCE serves about 400 clients in various sectors, such as TV channels, radio stations, film distributors, producers, advertising companies, telecommunications operators and public services.

About Streambox
Streambox delivers mobile video everywhere, allowing companies to broadcast from anywhere with unlimited scalability and lower costs. Using the Streambox mobile app or compact mobile encoders coupled with cloud-based streaming, broadcasters can deliver live, HD video to viewers immediately.