EMF and Mediatree Launch New Cloud Platform


EMF's New Media department and Mediatree have come together to create a new automated and secure platform for the exchange of media.

The first platform required design, implementation and adaptation for their client Havas Productions was evaluated under strict production conditions during the Roland Garros tennis tournament.

The platform, made up of a media management server provided by Mediatree and EVS transcoding support from Euro Media France equipment, was housed in the Lendit Studios. Connected to high speed internet, the platform was able to quickly send about 80 different versions of highlights across the world in the language and format desired by the client. More than twenty rights-holding broadcasters used this tool at thgis years Roland Garros turnament.


As well as being highly functional and automated, the platform conceived by Euro Media France and developed by Mediatree, of which several modules already existed in previous versions from Clipsport®, was created in order to present simple interfaces and menus for the back office used by the producer and for the front office used by the rights holders.

The innovation of the platform, apart from the multiple transcoding offerings on the menu and the multi-services ‘Broadcast’ and ‘Web 2.0’, resides in the automisation of the workflow.

In fact, the encoding profiles of the user clients were set-up in advance, which means that, upon connection, different services can be offered.


This functionality could seem unremarkable, but it is highly appreciated during major events, to allow for an optimisation of transcoding time in a format and language desired by each broadcaster.

In addition, the client is automatically alerted by email (no action needed from the platform administrator) of the availability of a new guest video, either accessible on their FTP or for download.

The integration of specialist editor Plug-Ins such as Smartjog, Aspera or Signiant which enable use by different broadcasters, the addition of the project notion (so that a producer can manage several events simultaneously), analysis and monitoring tools, as well as metadata enrichment available, are being studied between Euro Media France and Mediatree.


About Mediatree
Mediatree is a French company created in 2007, a software editor specialised in recording, the broadcast of audiovisual content and publication tools.At the end of 2011, the technological innovation and the performance abroad of Meidatree were recognised by the highest French authorities (Ministry of Foreign business and Ministry of Sports). Mediatree was awarded as one of the leaders of the organisation ‘Sport à l'Export’ (sport for export) from Ubifrance and is in charge of the “Broadcast & Services” cluster, you can get in contact via sportexport.at.mediatree.fr