Egripment at BroadcastAsia 2014


This year at the BroadcastAsia in Singapore (booth 4C2-23), Egripment will launch their new digital line of Remote Broadcast Solutions. Next to it we will show part of our latest line of camera support equipment such as our Universal Dolly and the Pro Traveller crane (for DSLR and HDV camera’s)

Egripment Remote Broadcast Solutions
The Egripment “Remote Broadcast Solutions” line of products comprises of the 306 Digital Remote Head as artificial intelligence of the system design. The 306 Digital Remote Head can easily accommodate any type of Broadcast camera and modern Digital Cine Cameras. This Digital Head, is exceptionally smooth and precise in movement, very fast in operation, and easy to set up and operate. The Remote Head can be used in a “stand alone” situation, as well as being part of a larger Studio Automation set up. A variety of Teleprompter brackets are available and easy to install.

The total system is comparable to, but exceeds the specification of, competitive Digital systems costing many times more than the sales price of Egripment’s line of digital products. In addition, the Egripment Remote Broadcast Solutions are far more user friendly, and easy to learn and to utilize for higher productivity in the studio. For High End Virtual and Augmented Reality applications, the Egripment Remote Broadcast products seamlessly integrate with the Egripment TDT Encoded Camera Crane System, the Generic Track System as well as our Encoded StarCam Studio System. With this complete modular system, you would then have a very sophisticated multiple axis Virtual Studio System, suitable for the highest quality of Virtual and Augmented Reality.


Egripment Universal Dolly
The “Universal” dolly utilizes a completely new method of steering and it folds into a small and lightweight package that weighs only 16.8 kgs / 37 lbs., carries a very good payload of 200 kgs / 440 lbs and offers a solid camera platform.

It also offers steering from the back or the front side, both 2 wheel steering and also 4 wheel steering when very tight turns are required. It can also be equipped with sideboards that are flat or contain 100mm or 150mm camera bowls, and can be operated with Pneumatic Wheels, Hard Rubber Wheels or Track Wheels. When equipped with Track Wheels it runs on standard width Track of 62 cm / 24.5” wide, straight and curved.
In addition to the above mentioned options, it can also be equipped with most of the Egripment accessories such as Seat Supports, Columns, Bazookas and most of our Jib Arms.
The “Universal” Dolly is manufactured from lightweight but very strong aircraft grade aluminium and has an Automotive design with Aerodynamics, Ergonomics and Style in mind.