DVS Develops the RF Version of the Superloupe


DVS was very much in favour at the Sportel de Monaco since the award winning slow motion sequence at the Golden Podium Awards was filmed using the Superloupe RF version.

The RF version of the Superloupe, developed by the engineering teams at DVS, benefits from several innovations: one being its new lightweight carbon chassis enabling the cameraman to move around more quickly so as to be at the heart of the action and to multiply the number of shot angles.

Compatible with all existing RF transmission systems, the new Superloupe can be used to its full potential when used in conjunction with the RF systems developed by Livetools Technology.


LiveTools Technology SA is a Swiss company founded in 1997 (previously named Broadcast Services) which has a wide background in wireless TV production services worldwide. In 2006, LiveTools was aquired by SFP (Société Française de Production) and is now a member of EuroMedia Group. EuroMedia Group is Europe’s leading provider of TV & Film facilities and services. Finally, Livetools mission is very simple: to help you saving money and time on your TV productions.

Since 1997, Digital Video Sud (DVS) is the European leading company in TV live super slow-motion & ultra-motion services. DVS dedicated highly-experienced team provides worldwide broadcasters with a full range of High-Definition slow-mo equipments & turnkey services. Our expertise is to operate complex slow motion systems in broadband network within the constraint on live TV broadcast. DVS patented in 2004 the worldwide first ultra-motion solution for TV live replays, with SuperloupeTM 500 frames/sec system.