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Dutch public and commercial broadcasters cooperate in Dutch Media Hub effort

The Dutch public broadcaster NPO and the commercial broadcasters SBS and RTL will cooperate in a Dutch Media Hub project to stimulate tapeless exchange of audio and video material in the industry. Dutch Media Hub starts a project called ‘10-10-10’ with the aim of having a complete ‘filebased transfer’ in the industry by October 10th 2010.

Connect all production houses, facility companies and broadcasters

Goal is to connect all production houses, facility companies and broadcasters in the country and to make arrangements regarding standards and interoperability.

George Freriks, program director of Dutch Media Hub: “This unique cooperation is a major step in the development of the Dutch Media Hub. Our goal is to position the Netherlands as ‘The Digital Gateway to Europe’ which is why this project fits perfectly. Within Europe, the Dutch industry will be the first to work in such an efficient and standardized way and we will be ready to extend this cooperation internationally.”