Draka, Fischer and Grass Valley Set a New Record Distance for Triax HD Connectivity

Pushing Triax limits up to 1700m

At IBC Draka announced that its Triax HD Pro+ Broadcast solution introduced last year at IBC 2010 has further extended its versatility to offer true 3G HD quality capability at a conservative transmission distance of 1700m. This latest Draka Triax HD Pro+ Broadcast Solution has been tested and approved by leading international video equipment manufacturers and broadcasting companies.

Last year, Draka and Fischer Connectors launched an integrated Triax HD cable and connector system which won the ‘Best of IBC2010’ award for innovation and cost-effectiveness. With the involvement of camera manufacturer Grass Valley this year, the partners have pushed Triax limits to a record certified 1700m, with the possibility of much longer distances through the use of a repeater.

“With our matched components approach we continue to extend the limits of Triax connectivity solutions”, says Oli Hentschel, Draka Product Manager and Studio Broadcast Specialist. “Broadcasters can maximise their Triax investments while delivering 720p, 1080i or 1080p 50/60 quality to meet viewer expectations.”  Draka sees that the future for Triax HD technology is to combine highly reliable signal performance with even longer transmission distances offering a plug and play camera crew-friendly solution.


Draka and Fischer Connectors introduced the new Triax HD Pro+ solution to Grass Valley earlier this year. With Grass Valley’s model LDK 8000 3G they also achieved  outstanding performance values over cable lengths exceeding 1500m.

In order to achieve useable cable lengths for today’s outdoor broadcasts, either 1080i production or for upcoming HD 1080p standards, special qualities are demanded from the Triax equipment. From a design viewpoint, this means developing innovative variations of 3G-Triax adapters, Triax cables and Triax plugs.


Triax 11 HD Pro+ camera cable is optimized for 3G broadcast applications under extreme conditions. It connects camera and CCU and offers an optimum transmission quality based on low attenuation, lowest DC resistance (even over long distances), a long life span and a minimal weight. The cable is designed with a universal jacket that is flame retardant and halogen-free and suitable for in-house and outdoor applications.

The latest Fischer Connector 1051 Triax HD Pro + connectors offer improved RF performance, compliant with 3G technology as well as fast and easy cable assembly. High-strength tolerance, rugged and waterproof design assures reliable transmission between camera and control unit in studios or broadcast vehicles, where long cable lengths are used under extreme weather conditions. It is maintenance friendly and easy to clean, which is highly appreciated in the field. A complete range of body styles is now available.

Draka and Fischer Connectors demonstrated their continually evolving solution by interconnecting their stands with a Grass Valley LDK 8000 camera through 1700m of Triax HD Pro+ cable.