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DNF Controls 2011 NAB Show Preview

The AnyWhere Interface Box (AIB) is a compact, single-box "missing link" solution for control, monitoring, and interfacing

DNF Controls has been providing simple, precise, reliable, repeatable, and tactile production control solutions for more than 20 years. The company offers a wide range of control solutions that fit the individual needs of a production by providing random access to video content and scripted playout of video elements. This allows users to work with their existing equipment and within their existing infrastructure, while supporting future growth and changes. DNF Controls' scalable, flexible, and intelligent production control systems are easy to configure and reconfigure, and they support MOS.

Local and Distance Machine Control

DNF Controls' Flex Control Network® provides fast, simple, and reliable local and distance machine control. Whether rolling local video server channels to air or controlling video server playout at a sister station for late breaking video, Flex Control Network lets users create a system that best meets their needs, operates with existing equipment, and allows for future growth and change.

NEW — Tally Manager

The Tally Manager is a flexible, modular tally control system that monitors video signal usage from source to on-air, and drives monitor wall tallies and UMDs, camera tallies, on-air lights, and device-in-use indicators. Built upon DNF Controls' field-proven Flex Control Network® components, the Tally Manager provides a scalable, real-time tally solution designed and built for the demands of television broadcast, live production, and event production.


NEW — AnyWhere Interface Box

The AnyWhere Interface Box (AIB) is a compact, single-box "missing link" solution for control, monitoring, and interfacing. The AIB provides a cost-effective solution capable of addressing users' unique and specific needs, whether by establishing interoperability between incompatible systems or by extending the functionality of existing systems that would otherwise require costly custom programming or interfacing.

NEW — AnyWhere Interface Switch

The AnyWhere Interface Switch is the "missing link" user interface, equipped with one to four tactile pushbuttons (each with a built-in LCD display), that provides an off-the-shelf custom solution that can be configured for specific applications. Using a web browser, users assign one to five commands to a switch press. Then, the user can assign different commands to each switch press to create a ten "STEP" sequence. Each switch can be assigned different commands and different steps. Also, users can change displayed legend and indicator color on each switch press and update switch legend and indicator color remotely to display system status or user prompts.


NEW — USP-S24 and USP-S48

The USP-S24 and USP-S48 are multipurpose, configurable 24- and 48-pushbutton switch panels for Windows®-based software applications. For each USP key, users simply assign a PC key combination, i.e. CTRL A, F4, SHIFT F3, or CTRL ALT P, used by their Windows-based application. The USP provides a single button, tactile user interface to critical, commonly used functions, thereby minimizing production errors. Also, the USP-S24/48 provides a reliable Ethernet connection to the Windows computer eliminating USB connectivity issues for must-work systems.

About DNF

DNF Controls is a leading provider of hardware- and software-based control solutions for equipment used in the television broadcast, audio/video production, industrial post-production, and graphics markets. By partnering with industry-leading manufacturers and customers, DNF provides innovative, reliable, precise, and easy-to-use products that are used in point-to-point control as well as in facilitywide multipoint control applications. DNF Controls' customer list includes all major U.S. television broadcast and cable networks, domestic and international television stations and production facilities, mobile production trucks, stadiums, and arenas. DNF Controls is headquartered in Sylmar, Calif.