Dimetis Links the BOSS Platform® to RAVENNA

Dimetis solutions have been widely deployed with several broadcasters managing their corporate networks and operations

After having received increased backing from renowned device manufacturers just recently, RAVENNA now welcomes German company Dimetis, the first partner engaged and established in the network management domain for more than 2 decades.

Joachim Kniesel, CEO of Dimetis: “The link from our flagship products to the RAVENNA technology is of crucial importance for our business. We look forward to offer our customers an added value while meeting highest standards and quality parameters and supporting advanced configuration possibilities for our software solutions. RAVENNA provides a comprehensive and unique solution for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based network environments. Utilizing standardized network protocols and technologies, RAVENNA can operate in existing network infrastructures. We believe RAVENNA technology will shift the paradigm in audio broadcast business.”

Andreas Hildebrand, Senior Product Manager of ALC NetworX: “We are very pleased to welcome Dimetis to the RAVENNA partner community. With Dimetis, we see proof that RAVENNA has arrived in the minds of people responsible for the operation and management of large corporate networks. The successful operation of RAVENNA in corporate WAN infrastructures requires dynamic management of bandwidth resources, balanced quality of service attribution and precious performance monitoring. The Dimetis BOSS LINK Manager® dynamically configures, schedules, monitors and controls video/audio/data connections across transmission networks of all types. Plus, Dimetis profound experience and insight into the broadcast and IT service domains also adds a very valuable benefit to the world of RAVENNA.”


About Dimetis
Dimetis is the IP Broadcast Leader, providing standard-based Operational Support Systems (OSS) for telecommunication and broadcast industry. Our software solutions manage most of the public broadcast TV in D-A-CH on the distribution side. With 2 million IPTV subscribers, our pioneer solution in streaming/IPTV is the global leading deployment.

Dimetis contribution suite dynamically moves live content as well as large files from anywhere to anywhere combining different technologies. With 10000 managed services per day, Dimetis flagship solutions innovate the market in content moving space.


RAVENNA is a technology for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based network environments. Utilizing standardized network protocols and technologies, RAVENNA can operate on existing network infrastructures. RAVENNA is designed to meet the strict requirements of the pro audio market featuring low latency, full signal transparency and high reliability.
Unlike most other existing networking solutions, RAVENNA is an open technology standard without a proprietary licensing policy.

About ALC NetworX GmbH
ALC NetworX - an R&D company in Munich, Germany – assembled a team of experts with excellent reputation from the Pro Audio industry and with in-depth knowledge in networking technologies to develop the RAVENNA technology platform. While ALC NetworX will continue to keep the lead role in the RAVENNA technology development, product implementations will be executed by individual partner companies. Current partner companies include AEQ, AETA, arkona, Axia, Digigram, DirectOut, DSA Volgmann, Genelec, Infomedia, Lawo, Linear Acoustic, LSB, Merging, Neumann, Omnia, Schoeps, Sonifex, Sound4 and Telos. Interested manufacturers are welcome to join the RAVENNA community.