Digital Nirvana Extends Product Family with Two Launches

MediaPro IQ™ Speeds Content Repurposing, and ManyView IQ™ Enables Enterprise-Wide IPTV Distribution

Digital Nirvana, a provider of monitoring, management and compliance systems for broadcast, cable, satellite and fiber networks, will introduce two new products at the NAB convention starting April 14th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Digital Nirvana will exhibit in booth N3438 during the show.

Digital Nirvana is best known within the broadcast industry for its flagship product, Monitor IQ broadcast monitoring system. Monitor IQ is a monitoring, logging, compliance, and content republishing system for TV networks and stations. It combines the functionality of content recording (HD and SD in full resolution), content searching, retrieve and repurposing, Web publishing, signal monitoring, air-check logging, archiving, ad verification and tracking, and competitive analysis in a scalable networked appliance. Its Web-based management user interface makes it easy to use for technical and non-technical personnel.

At NAB 2012, Digital Nirvana will introduce MediaPro IQ, a content repurposing system for multi-platform distribution, and ManyView IQ, an enterprise-wide IP video distribution system. Both new Digital Nirvana solutions are cost-effective, all-in-one scaled network devices that are based upon open API’s for easy integration into other systems. They also both reliably record from IP, ASI, ASI/IP, SD/HD-SDI, ATSC, QAM, NTSC, PAL or DVB-T/C/S2 protocols.


“Our two new products take the core attributes of what sets our current solution apart from competitive systems – an easy-to-use interface, open API’s, reliable high-resolution recording, and on-the-go mobile accessibility– and delivers those benefits with a laser focus on unique capabilities that are crucial for broadcasters today,” explained Ned Chini, vice president of sales and marketing, Digital Nirvana.  “With MediaPro IQ and ManyView IQ, we’re introducing solutions that help drive workflow efficiency and reduce costs for our customers.”

Fast Content Repurposing from Cable and Broadcast
MediaPro IQ offers the industry’s quickest, low-cost way to repurpose HD clips from cable as well as broadcast. This new solution is designed for news and sports directors who frequently repurpose content from cable channels.  By intelligently using cable card technology, MediaPro IQ records encrypted cable feeds in full HD. For the broadcast engineer, it eliminates the need to maintain multiple set top boxes, frees up valuable rack space, and removes the cost of multiple DVRs.


MediaPro IQ allows users to easily edit, clip and publish live or recorded content in real-time.  Search is based on keywords, program titles, descriptions, textual metadata, closed-caption, as-run logs, traffic logs, alarm and discrepancy logs and time/date or channel filters. 

MediaPro IQ is compatible with such web browsers as: FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. iPad, iPhone, and Android interface are also available. Video can be exported to Flash, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, and XDCAM and other formats for content repurposing.

Real-time Video on the Desktop
With the new ManyView IQ system, it’s now easy and cost-effective to deploy a private, enterprise-wide IPTV system for use by producers and staff who need to view real-time video signals at their desktop. The system eliminates the need for costly coaxial cabling, IP encapsulators, and IP output encoders. IP multicast delivers real-time video feeds to desktop and set-top boxes throughout an organization. ManyView IQ is DNLA-enabled, which provides VOD-like ability to store, distribute and publish offline video assets throughout the enterprise for any device on the network, such as: desktops, mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, smart phones), set-top boxes, connected TVs, and media players.

ManyView IQ is compatible with current standards-compliant web browsers, enabling an on-the-go workflow through a web browser. It also has iPad, iPhone, and Android interfaces available.