Digigram Strengthens Collaboration With ALC NetworX

Andreas Hildebrand (Senior Product Manager, ALC NetworX) and Philippe Delacroix (CEO, Digigram)

Digigram announced a deeper collaboration with ALC NetworX, driving the companies' RAVENNA alliance, that will allow the full Digigram product line to be powered by the ALC NetworX RAVENNA technology implementation for real-time IP-based distribution of audio and other media content. Already compatible with AES67-2013, the newly published engineering standard for networked/streaming audio-over-IP interoperability, RAVENNA will assure that Digigram product lines will be integrated seamlessly within ultra-high-performance mission-critical synchronous IP audio networks.

"ALC NetworX technology allows us to speed time to market for high-performance AES67/RAVENNA-enabled products such as the new Digigram LX-IP PCIe sound card," said Philippe Delacroix, CEO at Digigram. "As the industry continues to evolve, we are confident that RAVENNA and the AES67 standard will be employed widely by the broadcast industry to replace AES and MADI. For this reason, we have made the strategic decision to implement RAVENNA into all of our existing products, such as our audio-over-IP codecs, as well as new products under development."

The LX-IP PCIe sound card is the first RAVENNA-enabled product being developed by Digigram. The LX-IP card was previewed by Digigram at IBC2013, and a model featuring the full RAVENNA technology implementation will be available by Q2 2014. The new card features ultra-low latency — down to one audio sample per IP packet — and up to 256 RAVENNA I/O channels from multiple RAVENNA streams.


"AES67 is finally setting a standard for high-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability, and RAVENNA is an open-standard technology already compatible with AES67," said Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager at ALC NetworX. "RAVENNA operates in existing network infrastructures using standardized network protocols and technologies. Performance and capacity thus scale with the capabilities of the underlying network architecture, in turn allowing broadcasters to achieve their requirements for low latency, full signal transparency, and high reliability."

About ALC NetworX
ALC NetworX is an R&D company based in Munich, Germany. A team of experts with excellent reputations in the Pro Audio industry and in-depth knowledge of networking technologies has been assembled to develop the RAVENNA technology platform. While ALC NetworX will continue to keep the lead role in the RAVENNA technology development, product implementations will be executed by individual partner companies. Current partner companies include AEQ, AETA, Archwave, arkona, Axia, Digigram, Dimetis, DirectOut, DSA Volgmann, Genelec, Infomedia, Lawo, Linear Acoustic, LSB, Merging, MTS, Neumann, Omnia, Qbit, Schoeps, SCISYS, Sonifex, Sound4, Telos, and WorldCast Systems. Interested manufacturers are welcome to join the RAVENNA partner community.


RAVENNA is a technology for the real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based network environments. Utilizing standardized network protocols and technologies, RAVENNA can operate on existing network infrastructures. RAVENNA is designed to meet the strict requirements of the pro audio market including low latency, full signal transparency, and high reliability.
While primarily targeting the professional broadcast market, RAVENNA is also suitable for deployment in other pro audio market segments like live sound, install market, and recording. Possible fields of application include (but are not limited to) in-house signal distribution in broadcasting houses, theaters, concert halls, and other fixed installations; flexible setups at venues and live events; OB van support; inter-facility links across WAN connections; and in production and recording applications.
Unlike most other existing networking solutions, RAVENNA is an open technology standard without a proprietary licensing policy. RAVENNA is fully compatible with the AES67 standard on High-performance Streaming Audio-over-IP Interoperability.
Further information on ALC NetworX and RAVENNA is available at

About Digigram
Positioned at the convergence of professional audio and video with IT, Digigram offers IP-based solutions that enable users worldwide to increase their competitiveness through change.
The company's products enable the reliable capture, production and delivery of high-quality audio and video over IP networks. Its innovative IP audio codecs, professional sound cards, and audio processing software are used by thousands of journalists, broadcasters, and audio engineers worldwide. Digigram's all-IP video product line provides advanced contribution and distribution solutions to broadcast, IPTV, Web TV, and OTT operators. The company also delivers key audio/video technologies and OEM solutions to software vendors and manufacturers.
For more than 25 years, through constant innovation and the development of fruitful partnerships, Digigram has been influential in energizing the industry, raising standards, and pushing forward technological development.