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DELTACAST Launches Industry's First Single-Channel Dual-Link DVI OEM Card

The DELTA-dvi-e 10 is supplied in a package with the VideoMasterHD OEM software SDK

DELTACAST has announced the DELTA-dvi-e 10, the latest addition to the DELTA-dvi range of video cards for OEM applications, and the industry's first single-channel dual-link DVI card. Designed as a cost-effective high-performance choice for professional broadcast and event applications using DVI or analog component video input, the DELTA-dvi-e 10 can ingest a dual-link DVI, DVI-A, DVI-D, HDMI, or analog component video source to a PC or server through one 4-lane PCI Express slot.

The DELTA-dvi-e 10 is supplied in a package with the VideoMasterHD OEM software SDK and with integration support from DELTACAST where required. Offering a feature set including enhanced E-EDID handling (persistent E-EDID, reconfigurable from DVI cable or through the SDK); automatic input format detection; 256-Mbyte onboard frame store memory; 1/2 size PCI Express card form factor; and the unified OEM VideoMasterHD SDK for all uncompressed OEM products in a Windows® or Linux environment, the DELTA-dvi-e 10 allows OEMs to build high-end applications that deliver dual-link DVI input at a single-channel price point.

"We are very pleased with the DELTA-dvi-e 10, which is one of the highest performing single-channel DVI capture cards on the market and a powerful solution for high-end broadcast or events applications requiring DVI input, such as LED walls," said Christian Dutilleux, DELTACAST CEO. "As well as facilitating better quality images, the DELTA-dvi-e 10 is also an economical option for existing DELTA-dvi-e 20 OEM customers who use only one of the two DVI inputs on the card. Now they will be able to buy this cost-optimized single-channel version with no change in their application software."

The DELTA-dvi-e 10 requires a PC or server with at least one free four-lane PCI Express slot and a high-performance CPU capable of handling dual-link DVI streams. The DELTA-dvi-e 10 will be available for purchase in September 2010.



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