Delivery of Two Trucks for ANO Sports Broadcasting

The Master Control Room Truck for ANO Panorama

Together with their local partner in Russia Broadcast Solutions has realized a very complex project for ANO “Sports Broadcasting”. The project consists of a large MCR vehicle and a supporting trailer with a 2.4 meter Satellite antenna. The unique thing about this supporting vehicle is that it contains a complete flight case based 8 camera production unit.

The mobile MCR (Master Control Room) is a 38 t double extendable trailer, divided in five areas: Feed/Line Control area, Supervisor area, Server control, Audio control and Main technical area.

The Feed/Line control area is used for control of Input- and Output signals and have 5 work places. Up to 160 pictures can be viewed over ten 47” Monitors (16 pictures per Monitor). The supervisor area is equipped for four operators, the server area for three and the audioeach also for three operators.


The following input signals are connected direct to the router: 120x 3G/HD/SD standard inputs, 144x 3G/HD/SD inputs with Processing (deembedding of audio), 48x 3G/HD/SD inputs with Processing via Fiber, 240x AES inputs, 12x Madi inputs.


The following output signals can be switched from the router: 144x 3G/HD/SD standard outputs, 168x 3G/HD/SD outputs with Processing (audio embedding), 48x 3G/HD/SD outputs with Processing via Fiber, 240x AES outputs, 12x Madi outputs.

Furthermore twelve frames equipped with EO and OE converters can receive and transmit up to 96 3G/HD/SD signals in each direction.

12 Riedel Mediornet Frames are available to connect different OB-Vans or Production sets to the mobile MCR.


The Supporting Vehicle is fully equipped with a 8 camera flightcase production unit that can be used either inside or outside of the vehicle.

The satellite system is equipped with redundant 2x 400W amplifiers, phase combined system, a broadcast SNG antenna with 2,40 m reflector diameter, 2x Encoders/Modulators for MPEG2/MPEG4 SD/HD video coding in DVB-S and –S2 standard, 5x IRD for SD/HD reception and 6x SatModems for orderwire channel as well as for IP application.


The individual system configuration allows all the eight transmit carriers to be combined at the same time. Also a 1:1 switched redundancy mode for the Encoders/Modulators is possible.

Additional equipment add commonly used functions like radio communication and receiving of DTH digital satellite television.

The system is designed to handle the typical necessary signals for the Master Control vehicle.