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Dejero Revolutionizes First Response Video Transmission

Release of LIVE Platform 1.6 for Mobile Live Broadcasting

Today Dejero Labs Inc. announced the release of the Dejero LIVE Platform 1.6 - its new 4G/3G wireless live video transmission solution. LIVE Platform 1.6 delivers on the simple premise: broadcast live high-quality video without the high cost or complexity of satellite or microwave transmission. Delivering HD Ready capabilities, simplified single-IP receiver and using the advances of Windows 7 operating system, LIVE Platform 1.6 offers broadcasters the compelling choice to cover breaking news faster, with less set-up time, and with the ability to transmit anywhere cellular or Ethernet networks are available.

The Dejero LIVE Platform 1.6 release includes the Dejero LIVE Mobile Transmitter, the portable HD/SD transmitter that connects to a camera and goes live with the push of a button; the Dejero LIVE Video Manager, the online manager that connects transmitters to video receiving servers; and the Dejero LIVE Video Server, the receiving unit that typically resides in a studio rack to decode the live video transmission for ingest.

Highlighted New Features of LIVE Platform 1.6

The Dejero LIVE Platform now includes:
• HD Ready - Able to support HD transport when there is sufficient bandwidth and latency;
• Windows 7 - LIVE Transmitters and LIVE Video Servers use the Windows 7 operating system;
• Single IP - The LIVE Video Server configuration now requires only one IP address, down from the four (or more) required by previous generations;
• DV/HDMI support - Native support for DV and HDMI cameras.


“This new release of the Dejero LIVE Platform provides a compelling solution for broadcasters who want to be the first to transmit live video,” said Bogdan Frusina, Dejero CTO. “HD Ready means broadcasters will not have to purchase a different system to broadcast in HD and single IP innovation will significantly simplify IT-related set-up and configuration.”

About Dejero

Dejero, located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, introduces a new era in live television broadcasting through its portable wireless LIVE Platform. Innovative engineering from wireless experts combined with input from experienced broadcasters have produced the Dejero Platform. The revolutionary Platform gives greater mobility, including access to locations such as airports, high security areas, rooftop events and can even broadcast from a moving vehicle. Dejero expands broadcast newsgathering capabilities