Dejero, IDX, and 7th Wave Broadcast Services announce Olympics Partnership

Broadcasters will have the ability to transmit high quality HD or SD live video from outside Olympic venues

Dejero, creator of the award-winning LIVE+ bonded cellular newsgathering solutions, along with IDX, its European distributor and exclusive UK partner, today announced that the provision of mobile services has been completed at key venues for the London Olympic Games with 7th Wave Broadcast Services, provider of live-shot stand up positions, studios and broadcast facilities at the Olympic Park.

7th Wave and Dejero have built out a long-range private Wi-Fi network at 7th Wave’s rooftop location overlooking the Olympic Park that will provide broadcasters with coverage across the park and surrounding areas. Using Dejero’s LIVE+ mobile transmission products on the private Wi-Fi network, broadcasters have the ability to transmit live video directly into 7th Wave’s media centre, where it can be uplinked to any destination around the world.  With this private network in place, live HD and SD transmissions can be broadcast with high quality and short latency, even if minimal or no bandwidth is available from the cellular networks.

As well as the Olympic Park location, where 7th Wave have panoramic views of the Olympic Stadium, aquatic centre, orbit tower and the London skyline, Dejero and 7th Wave will be establishing broadcast Wi-Fi hotspots at London’s Carnaby Street and the Houses of Parliament, where the Dejero LIVE+ platform of products can be used to transmit live broadcasts.


“With hundreds of thousands of mobile phones in use near the Olympic venues, the cellular networks are expected to be highly congested during the Games,” said Todd Schneider, COO at Dejero.  “The establishment of the 7th Wave-Dejero private wireless hotspots will provide broadcasters with a very strong and reliable cellular network supplement that can be used in conjunction with Dejero’s LIVE+ platform of wireless transmission products.”

“We are delighted to be working with Dejero on this innovative live transmission service,” commented Andy Tweedley of 7th Wave.  “We believe that broadcasters will quickly see the benefits of this high quality and cost effective means of transmitting live content worldwide from around the Olympic Park and at other key London locations.”


To access these private hotspots, broadcasters can bring their own Dejero LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitters or iPhones and iPads with the Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App software installed.  LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitters can also be hired directly from the 7th Wave facilities.  In another innovative move, 7th Wave will also be providing iPhones and iPads pre-loaded with the latest Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App software; this enables broadcasters to deliver live breaking news, or record and instantly send video to viewers and stations around the world, without needing additional cameras and equipment.

About 7th Wave Broadcast Services
7th Wave is an independent company established to provide live stand-up, studio and production services from a location adjacent to the Olympic Park. Their live positions have commanding views across the Olympic Park including the stadium, the aquatic centre, the orbit tower, the park entrance and the city of London Skyline. Their facilities include HD and SD transmission services via satellite or fibre, production workspace, offices and full technical support.


About Dejero
Dejero, based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, expands newsgathering capabilities and redefines live broadcasting through its portable LIVE+ Platform of cellular newsgathering products. Dejero LIVE+ products enable both traditional and online broadcasters to transmit high quality HD or SD live video from a variety of mobile devices:  professional grade rugged transmitters, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.  Dejero LIVE+ products can be set up anywhere in seconds to broadcast live to television viewers, stream to the web, transmit recorded video for later use, share video content with other organizations, or send files remotely – all at the push of a button!