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Dejero Broadcasts Live From Vegas Strip For NAB Launch

Dejero at the Winter Games Torch Relay

Dejero, creator of the new Dejero LIVE Platform, is broadcasting live television from the famous Las Vegas Strip during NAB 2010 exhibition hours. Marking Dejero’s innovative worldwide launch, NAB 2010 attendees can witness a ground-breaking new way to broadcast live high-quality video without the high cost or complexity of satellite or microwave transmission. This revolutionary technology is about the size of an average briefcase, and is demonstrated live at Dejero booth N5020.

Breakthrough Wireless Live ENG Solution Set To Transform Live Reporting

With the potential to transform live reporting, one cameraperson and the Dejero Live Mobile Transmitter can transmit from any location in cellphone range. Using patent pending technology, the Dejero LIVE Platform improves live interview talkback - transmitting with only 1 second latency.


The Dejero LIVE Platform made a compelling international broadcast debut during the 2010 Winter Games Torch Relay - spanning 27,000 miles of unprecedented live coverage.


Live Anywhere

“Broadcasters can now respond to breaking news faster, set up in seconds, and go live before their competition,” said Ron Neumann, Dejero CEO “Not only do they get more mobility and better story options, but they can do it for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. We’re excited to be launching the Dejero LIVE Platform at NAB 2010.”

About Dejero

Dejero introduces a new era in live television broadcasting through its portable wireless LIVE Platform. Innovative engineering from wireless experts combined with input from experienced broadcasters have produced the Dejero Platform. The revolutionary Platform gives greater mobility, including access to locations such as airports, high security areas, rooftop events and can even broadcast from a moving vehicle. Dejero expands broadcast newsgathering capabilities.