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Dejero at the 2013 NAB Show


"Recent advances in bonded cellular technology have made it an indispensable tool in the newsgathering toolbox, alongside traditional approaches such as microwave and satellite. In many cases, cell connections are making live shots possible for stations that had no ENG capabilities before. At this year's NAB Show, we're looking forward to showing attendees how our solutions are making this capability more reliable and easier to use than ever before." — Brian Cram, CEO of Dejero

At the 2013 NAB Show, Dejero will demonstrate its latest innovations in bonded cellular technology that utilize mobile wireless networks to transmit high-quality video for electronic newsgathering (ENG). The Dejero LIVE+ Platform offers powerful capabilities for improving broadcasters' ability to deliver primary and supplemental live video feeds from the field, at a reduced cost and with greater efficiency and ease of use.

Dejero Products on Display at the 2013 NAB Show
The Dejero LIVE+ Platform includes the LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter, a portable and rugged bonded cellular transmitter for a wide variety of ENG applications; the LIVE+ NewsBook software bringing cellular transmission capabilities to laptop or personal computers; and the LIVE+ Mobile App for iPhone® and iPad®. At the 2013 NAB Show, Dejero will highlight these core products together with the following new solutions.


At the 2013 NAB Show, Dejero will introduce the LIVE+ VSET, a 1U vehicle-mount version of the company's Dejero LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter. Designed for use with satellite and microwave trucks, the adaptive bit-rate encoder on Dejero's LIVE+ VSET reduces the latency and improves the reliability of satellite video feeds. For instance, during rain fade and other atmospheric conditions that cause Ka-band satellite bandwidth to decrease, the Dejero LIVE+ VSET will automatically pick up the drop in bandwidth by transmitting over the cellular networks. Even in ideal conditions when the bulk of data is being sent over satellite, the LIVE+ VSET takes advantage of the lower latency of a cellular connection to check for errors and send missing packets — thus leading to an overall decrease in latency on the entire Ka-band system.

NEW LIVE+ Mobile App for Android™
Dejero is introducing an Android™ version of its LIVE+ Mobile App, which enables both traditional and online broadcasters to transmit high-quality HD or SD live video from select Android phones and tablets. Announced last summer for iOS devices, the LIVE+ Mobile App is an industry first — capable of bonding multiple wireless signals to deliver high-quality video from the street to the television or Web. Using the same award-winning, patent-pending bonded cellular technology as the Dejero LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter, the LIVE+ Mobile App aggregates both the WiFi™ and cellular connections of the iPhone®, iPad®, and now Android device. The result is a higher-quality live video transmission with lower latency than a single connection would provide. In addition, the LIVE+ Mobile App now features support for interruptible foldback (IFB), enabling one-way, real-time communications to be sent from the studio to an earpiece worn by the on-air talent.


Dejero's Bogdan Frusina and Bill Nardi to Present at 2013 NAB Show

Bogdan Frusina, founder and chief technology officer of Dejero, and Bill Nardi, the company's vice president for broadcast integration, will make a joint presentation at the 2013 NAB Show. Titled "Cellular ENG Comes of Age: Aggregating Multiple Wireless Transmission Technologies to Deliver Highly Reliable, Live HD Video," the session is scheduled for April 11 at 10:30 a.m. in room S227 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Session Will Describe Latest Advances in Wireless Transmission Technologies for Solving Live Newsgathering Challenges


During the session, Frusina and Nardi will provide an overview of the wired and wireless transmission landscape for ENG, including 4G/LTE and newer satellite (Ka-band) technologies. They will describe the available industry approaches to solving newsgathering challenges as well as demonstrate how bonded cellular solutions can provide technical, architectural, and end-to-end ENG workflows for broadcasters and media professionals. Additionally, they will show how real-world customers are using Dejero to address their live news requirements.

"The need to deliver broadcast-quality video from remote locations is a major part of newsgathering and reporting from the field," Frusina said. "Transmission platforms like Dejero LIVE+ that utilize mobile wireless networks have significantly improved a broadcaster's ability to provide primary and supplemental live video feed at excellent cost, efficiency, and ease of use. We're looking forward to showing broadcasters how these technologies can offer the availability and low cost of public networks, coupled with the guaranteed signal capacity necessary for high-definition, high-bit-rate video."


About Dejero
Dejero offers the most extensive and versatile range of bonded wireless uplink solutions for mobile newsgathering. With its industry-leading LIVE+ platform, Dejero combines its patent-pending Intelligent Bonding with the latest advancements in 3G and 4G LTE mobile technologies to make electronic newsgathering (ENG) as immediate, portable, reliable, and cost-effective as possible. From any location around the world, the LIVE+ Platform enables both traditional and online broadcasters to transmit high-quality HD or SD live video using a variety of mobile devices, including professional-grade rugged transmitters, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Dejero LIVE+ products can be set up anywhere in seconds to broadcast live to television viewers, stream to the Web, transmit recorded video for later use, share video content with other organizations, or send files remotely. Innovative engineering from wireless experts combined with input from many of the world's top broadcasters has produced the Dejero LIVE+ Platform. Dejero is based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.