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Datavideo IBC2014 Lineup


Datavideo introduces a lot of new products on the upcoming IBC. From our newest line of switchers to the small but mighty TC-200, there’s new products to be found in almost all categories. In this press release, we will inform you about some of our most exciting new products.

Datavideo expands switcher line with the 2200 series!

The acclaimed Datavideo switcher line-up gets an exciting update! This 6 channel HD switcher sports some nifty built-in options!

Stand alone and hand carry
As with our profound 2800 series, the 2200 will come in two versions. The first is the standalone SE-2200 which consists of a 2U rack mounted mainframe and an external keypad. The second is the HS-2200, the very flexible and versatile hand carry version of the SE-2200. With a 17,3” built-in monitor and talkback/tally system, the HS-2200 is ready for use in the most rough environments. Even when running on an external battery!

Six channel HD/SD
SE-2200 is a solution that comes with great features such as 6x6 SDI genlocked Matrix, Dual PIP and built-in title overlay system that works with entry level Datavideo CG systems, or other graphics programmes. The ability to accept up to 6 HD-SDI and two HDMI signals, 6 HD-SDI assignable outputs and two HDMI multi-view outputs (one on HS-2200 because the internal screen uses the other one) makes it a very effective switcher.

Built in HDMI AV/Titles splitter
Our 2200 series switchers have built-in overlay splitters. This means that one of the HDMI inputs can be used with a laptop or PC with entry level Datavideo CG systems, or other graphics programmes. No more need for a chunky PC, and running a full battery operated workflow is another step closer!


· Input standards: 1080i 50/59.94/60Hz
· Supports 6 HD-SDI inputs in a variety of configurations:
  o HD Mode: 6 HD-SDI / 4 HD-SDI + 2 HDMI · Audio I/O:
  o Input: 4 analogue balanced XLR
  o Output: 2 analogue balanced XLR. Supports embedded audio SDI output from 4-CH XLR Audio input
· Two PIP displays with user-defined borders
· Tally, GPI interface and RJ45 for firmware upgrade
· DC 12V operation voltage, available for mobile use

HS-2200 MSRP: $7000,- *
SE-2200 MSRP: $4000,- *
*MSRP is excluding VAT, GST and local import duties

TVS-1000, versatile and easy to use Virtual Studio solution from Datavideo

Datavideo introduces a very versatile, easy to use virtual studio solution. The virtual studio is a simple solution to create a computer generated backdrop, so that the viewer will think that the model is standing in a studio environment instead of a simple green screen. The backdrops are completely computer generated images, with support for numerous background images and support for downstream keyers like character generators and title overlays.


The TVS-1000 is trackless, so it will not adapt to the movement of the camera. Due to this, the end-user will not need expensive tracking equipment (like a digital jib, for instance) to use the TVS-1000. In the software, it is possible to zoom and pan into three phases. This will suggest that the virtual camera is moving.

The TVS-1000 software supports up to 6 layers, including a UV map, so it is possible to place a virtual desk or sofa on the virtual set. There is also support for background images, like a logo on the floor or a TV in the background, so you can customize your own virtual studio. There is no longer need for a separate recorder, as the TVS-1000 has a hard drive recorder built in. It even has a streaming encoder built in, so streaming your show to different content delivery networks like is very easy to set up!

The TVS-1000 will have support for virtual studio sets downloaded from, the marketplace for virtual studio sets. This online marketplace is currently under construction but will launch together with the TVS-1000. The TVS-1000 will be introduced on IBC, on the booth of Datavideo Technologies Europe B.V., hall 7, stand number D39.


The newest PTZ camera from Datavideo, PTC-120

The PTC-120 HD/SD Video Camera is a PTZ camera that can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, floor, or a tabletop, and includes an IR remote control. The camera is equipped with a professional 1/2.8 inch image sensor with Full HD-1080p output resolution at a high dynamic image of 60 frames per second. The superior 20x optical zoom lens, excellent white balance, and exposure mode delivers a clear image even in low light or extreme contrasts of brightness and darkness in a conference room.

The camera covers a wide shooting angle and utilizes the high efficiency DC motor servo-controlled to achieve both high-speed, quiet, and precise positioning, as well as smooth PTZ operations. The PTC-120 supports 3G-SDI, DVI, component, and C-Video interfaces to allow for four simultaneous image outputs with the most suitable image quality.

The PTC-120 is compatible with all video equipment. There are up to 128 preset settings and stable remote controlling for effective and efficient presentations. The PTC-120 delivers a continuous, clear, and vivid live image without any distortions and is ideally suited for lecture recording, video conferencing, and perform stage systems.

· HD Resolution: 1/2.8" High Definition 2.0 MegaPixels CMOS sensor
· 20x optical zoom; 12x digital zoom
· High definition formats supported: 1080/ 60p , 1080/ 50p , 1080/ 60i,
· 1080/ 50i, 1080/ 30p, 1080/ 25p, 720/ 60p, 720/ 50p, 720/ 30p , 720/25p
· 240 times variable zoom ratio (20x optical zoom with 12x digital zoom).
· Maximum horizontal/vertical speed of rotation: 300 degrees / sec.
· Fast response delivers extremely clear image without blurs, even while being operated.
· Video Output: 3G-SDI, DVI, Components and CVBS image output synchronously.
· Supports SONY VISCA Protocol Keyboard.


The new Datavideo harddisk recorder with playback monitor!

HRS-30HD is a new Datavideo portable recorder. This recorder can be used in the field as a recorder and a playback system. Using this recorder in the field without power is easy with the V-mount option. The HRS-30HD is a complete solution with removable harddisk caddy and 10,1” monitor.

The HRS-30HD records both High and Standard Definition video via HD/SD-SDI. The HRS-30HD supports 1080i, 720p, 576i, 480i video formats and provides a choice of recording formats in MEPG-II Long-GOP or intra-frame (i-frame) with 4:2:2 color sampling. The recorded MXF/OP1A file format is compatible with a wide range of NLE and play out systems. The HRS-30HD is compatible with standard 2,5” hard disk drives or SSD’s.

Features on HRS-30HD
· Video resolutions:
  - 1920x1080 23.97p/24p
  - 1920x1080 50i/59.94i/60i
  - 1280x720 50P/59.94P/60P
  - 720x576i or 720x480i
· HD/SD SDI input, output and loop through with embedded audio
· HDMI output with embedded audio
· SD mode recording:
  - Selectable 8,15,30 or 50 Mbps Long GOP 4:2:0 or 4:2:2
  - 25 or 50Mbps i-frame only 8-bit 4:2:2
· HD mode recording:
  - Selectable 10,25,35,50,65 or 120 Mbps Long GOP 4:2:0 or 4:2:2
  - 100/125Mbps i-frame 8-bit 4:2:2
· Recording file formats: MXF/OP1A, MOV quick time*
· V mount Battery support.
· 10.1”16:9 monitor resolution: 1280 x 800 dots


Remote control your Sony and Panasonic camera’s with the Datavideo MCU-100 and MCU-200

The MCU-100S Remote Control Unit is designed for remote control of Sony (MCU-100S or MCU-200S) or Panasonic (MCU-100 or MCU-200) studio/portable-type colour video cameras and camcorders.

The unit can be directly connected up to maximum 4 cameras or camcorders via cat.5 Ethernet cable. With the MCU series controller, you can control your cameras from a distance of up to 300 meters, depending on the quality of the Ethernet cable used. The Datavideo MCU series camera controller ensures easy and cost effective operation. With a controller like the MCU series, camera operation like shading becomes easy and quick.

· MCU-100 is a multiple camera controller to control Panasonic or Sony camcorders
· Provides major camcorder control functions and operations such as recording, gain, black/white balance, pedestals, shutter and iris
· Designed to control four camcorders from up to a 300 meter distance over Ethernet cables
· Includes camera adapter boxes
· Affordable cable solution for the complete setup
· Provides detail camcorder settings by CV output via adapter box
· MCU-200 Rackmount version available


AD-200, audio delay and audio mixing/leveling combined

Datavideo introduces the AD-200 audio delay and audio level box. The AD-200 combines the AD-100 audio delay box and several features from the AM-100 audio mixer.

The AD-200 is a 1U rack mounted product that can be installed in an OB-Van or customized rack. The AD-200 provides matrix mapping, audio mixing, audio leveling and audio delay. With this device, audio mixing becomes easy. With audio matrix mapping, the end-users can design their own audio in and audio out sequence. The clear OLED makes the AD-200 very user friendly.

· Audio Matrix mapping function helps users design their own Audio in & Audio out sequence
· 2 parts design for suiting in 1U rack mount; Can be combined into 1 piece by long rack ears
· Support up to 3 sec audio delay; each audio input can be delayed independently
· 6 XLR balanced audio channels inputs
· Support 2 audio input modes for MIC and Line
· Support 2 audio modes for mono or stereo


Datavideo brings CG to laptops with NEW TC-200 title overlay box

Using CG overlay in your live broadcasts used to be a hassle with big chunky computers with special output cards to divide the output signal into different channels. Datavideo now releases a very small, reliable and affordable solution to this. With the Datavideo TC-200, every laptop with HDMI output can be used to send CG to your broadcast!

Datavideo's CG-200 and TC-200: an innovative HD CG system for mobile broadcasting, live conferences and dynamic video presentations. Using a standard laptop, it enables users to create and deliver attractive on-screen graphics and titles in real-time. It is easy to operate, designed to be intuitive and responsive under the pressure of a live event. CG-200 and TC-200 works with standard Windows laptops with an HDMI interface and supports vision mixers with and without a DSK. CG-200 and TC-200 makes professional CG on the run a reality.

TC-200 comes packed with CG-200 software, our new and FREE suite for designing simple computer graphics and animations. If you like to use some extended features, you can use our CG-10HD or CG-350 software.

The CG-350 is an extremely powerful titling program designed especially for the live broadcast and video post production environment. It comes with a very flexible, easy to use, Title Compose program for creating high quality title pages. Once the title pages have been composed, they can be displayed automatically or completely under Manual Control.

· Includes TC-200 (Overlay box) & CG-200 (Character Generator Software)
· Supports DSK function (via HDMI) or SDI overlay function
· Support HD/SD SDI input and output in Overlay mode
· Supports HD video with 1080i 50/59.94/60; 720p 50/59.94/60
· Supports SD video: 576i/480i
· Compatible with Windows 7/8
· Supports all Windows fonts
· Multi-language support
· Supports animation including JPG, TAG, GIF, BMP, PNG
· Title editing patterns include Slide, Reveal, etc.
· TC-200 working voltage is 7-15V. It can be used with 7.2 V & 14.4 V batteries

MSRP: $675,- *
*MSRP is excluding VAT, GST and local import duties


Datavideo DAC-80 removes hum and buzz from ground loops

The DAC-80 is designed to remove hum and buzz created by ground loops. Normal voltage differences in the system grounding points between different pieces of equipment cause small AC power currents to flow in the shield of audio cables. Capacitance between a power transformer’s primary and secondary windings introduce signals to the circuit ground which will also create small current flows in the cable shield. Either of these problems will create hum in audio signals. DAC-80 breaks the inter-equipment ground path and greatly increases the rejection in the input circuits while remaining transparent to the audio signal.

System Diagram

1. Impedance : 600Ω+/- 10%(Input & output)
2. Bandwidth Frequency: 20Hz ~20KHz ±0.3dB
3. THD: 1KHz : < 0.015% @ +4dBu; 20Hz: 0.05% @+4dBu
4. Insertion loss : <0.5dB
5. Turns Ration: 1:1
6. Input: 2Ch XLR Audio Input
7. Output: 2Ch XLR Audio Output
8. Dimensions (W x H x D): 85mm x 45.2mm x 111.5mm)

About Datavideo Technologies
Datavideo designs and manufactures a broad range of cutting edge products to the Broadcast, AV, Digital Signage, Education and Security industries. Our range of products include Mobile and Portable Studios, which are fully integrated “one box” solutions designed around Datavideo’s acclaimed switcher range. Furthermore, the company carries a wide range of LCD monitors, Digital Recorders, converters, chromakeyers, teleprompters and much more.

Datavideo is an ISO-9001 quality certified manufacturer and, therefore, adheres to the highest international standards. Datavideo is very flexible and can follow the changing demands, while sharing the value in cost effective production with the end user.