Danmon Group Takes on Optocore and BroaMan for Sweden


Left to right — Danmon / Soundware, represented by Magnus Wiborg, with Dawid Somló of Optocore / BroaMan

Danmon Group Sweden has been appointed distributor for Optocore and BroaMan fibre solutions, having been representing the brands in Denmark for a number of years. With business units across Scandinavia, and more than 25 years of experience behind them, Danmon Group has evolved to become one of the leading suppliers to professional users of equipment for broadcast, television, film and commercial productions, originally in its native Denmark.

Back in 2001, Danmon Sweden managing director, Marcus Lundahl, started to build the Group’s audio division, Soundware, after which they began representing Optocore.

While Soundware will continue to service the professional audio and video industry generally, Danmon will focus on addressing the broadcast video sectors with the German manufacturer’s scalable fibre interfaces, seeing huge potential in these segments.

“We primarily see Optocore and BroaMan penetrating a number of key sectors like broadcast, live OB, and theatre,” continued Mr. Lundahl. “Sweden has been an early adopter of new ways of distributing content — especially over fibre, where the interest is very high.” In fact SVT (Swedish Television Broadcast) was the first broadcaster to adopt a custom fibre solution leading to the original foundation of Broadcast Manufactur (BroaMan).


Although the company already has advanced knowledge of the Optocore / BroaMan  fibre solutions Danmon/Soundware are already contemplating further staff training and will be promoting to their own client base via social media channels and websites, plus a series of roadshows and seminars.

In closing, Marcus Lundahl said, “This is a great opportunity not only to give customers the possibilities for more advanced connectivity and networking but also to introduce them to standard devices for every day use.”

Tine Helmle, managing director of BroaMan, agreed. “In addition to constructing advanced and sophisticated fibre networks we are increasingly being recognized as a manufacturer, designer and reseller of products needed for daily business. From Optocore this would include our MADI devices and various converters and from BroaMan our popular stand-alone and point-to-point devices, including Repeat48, Route66 Auto Router and MUX22.”


About Optocore

Based in Munich, Germany, OPTOCORE is the world market leading provider of high bandwidth, low latency, resilient, scalable and flexible fibre optic based networks for the transmission of audio, video and data. For 20 years, Optocore has been continuously innovating and setting new standards with regards to digital network technology. OPTOCORE builds and develops synchronous optical fibre and CAT5 based network solutions for broadcast professionals — for fixed installations and live event applications. Utilising leading-edge technology and high-quality components Optocore guarantees durability and therefore long-term market and customer satisfaction. Due to the open system architecture, Optocore’s platform offers other manufacturers the option to transfer conventional standard audio, video and data formats used in the pro audio industry, via an Optocore network. Technical expertise, QoS and an extensive support structure are guaranteed to all customers, together with the highest level of quality.

About BroaMan

BroaMan (Broadcast Manufactur GmbH’s) high quality products are aimed at the broadcast and installation markets as well as production companies, sport facilities, professional AV integrators and many more applications. The company offers customised solutions for every application that requires video, audio and data transport or routing – whether a big and complex system for broadcast studio or OB Van, or a simple point to point for a small church, conference hall, etc. With DiViNe (Digital Video Network) all open standards can be integrated — digital video, audio, Ethernet and intercom — on the same fibre infrastructure.