Danish Businesses Broadcast to the World with Blackmagic Design 


While national newspapers’ financial pages remain a bastion of print media, major businesses now need the capability to break or respond to news through more immediate media channels. As well as responding to online news stories, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to produce content for the broadcast media; either when announcing financial results, responding to breaking news stories or comment on key economic trends.

In studios designed for corporate use, it’s not just the production equipment that must produce excellent quality content, but high speed, reliable, fiber based connections are critical to ensure national news broadcasters and news agencies can link to commentators across the globe in an instant.

Denmark’s Chamber of Commerce recognized this need for its members, and has installed Ultra HD 4K TV studio facilities to provide the 170,000 businesses and 100 trade associations it works with, with futureproofed, high quality video production and live broadcast capabilities, together with high speed optical fiber connections to the world’s leading news organizations.


The TV studio, built around Blackmagic Design’s ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K, is located in the treasure chamber at the heart of Denmark’s former Stock Exchange, which dates from the 1620s and is one of Copenhagen’s oldest buildings. The studio has been developed by Esee Media Technology in conjunction with optical fiber network provider Global Connect. Content will initially be in HD format, but by installing the ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K, the studio’s facilities are future proofed as cameras are upgraded.

Four HD cameras are in place; three robotic cameras are installed alongside lighting in a Sky Track ceiling, and one is locked off on a tripod with a teleprompter. The HD-SDI sources are taken into the ATEM switcher, alongside additional sources, with a HyperDeck Studio Pro used to record content. Companies can further customize their productions with the ATEM’s stinger transitions for graphic wipes, and four fully independent upstream keyers.


The program output can be viewed on Blackmagic SmartView HD monitors in the studio. It can then either be encoded and streamed online, or sent uncompressed using peer to peer optical fiber via Global Connect’s network to international broadcasters such as Bloomberg or Reuters, enabling companies to present their annual results in person or take part in live televised debates.


The studio set is fully customizable for Commerce member companies, with interchangeable backdrops in various colors as well as a 75” monitor for displaying corporate logos. As well as providing broadcast facilities for its members in a studio setting, the production kit is mounted on a rack with wheels, so it can be used as a mobile production unit for conferences and large scale events hosted in the Stock Exchange’s historic banquet halls and its former trading floor, which has an area of over 500m2.

“The facilities that the Chamber of Commerce offer give members access to high quality video production whenever they need, which adds real value to Danish companies wanting to reach a wider audience,” said Kim Gude, Esee Media Technology. “The ATEM’s compact one rack unit size enabled us to build the mobile set up, which not only provides a highly flexible production solution for the Chamber and its members, but also helped us negotiate installing new facilities in an historic building which has so much importance to Danish history.”


“With so many different users, who will have differing video experience, the studio set up had to be very simple to use, whilst retaining very high production quality. Blackmagic Design’s ATEM Switchers are extremely easy to get to grips with but also integrate into a fiber infrastructure, which ensures video can be transmitted across the globe to the world’s biggest broadcasters.”