CUNIMA NANO Adds Up to WIGE MEDIA‘s Successful Micro HD Camera Series

Product launch of the new Micro-HD miniature camera

WIGE Media’s camera series CUNIMA has taken the next step in camera innovation with their newest product: The CUNIMA NANO. The affiliate company, WIGE Broadcast GmbH, incorporates an even more flexible and applicable miniature camera into their series of ultra-compact HD cameras, which have been successfully used in productions and on the market for years.

WIGE is the only manufacturer in the broadcast industry who offers products with an external Camera Control Unit (CUNIMA NANO) and camera technology with integrated CCUs (CUNIMA MCU[2]). As a result, special applications, such as helmet cameras, can be used in an easier and more efficient way.
Another special feature of the CUNIMA NANO is the back focus adjustment that which the gap between the sensor and objective can be individually attuned. This allows for counterbalancing manufacturing tolerances on lenses.  Therefore, it is possible to combine every available C-Mount lens on the market effortlessly with the CUNIMA NANO; an exception amongst other micro camera systems.

Weighing only 150 grams, this new super light camera with its small body - 36,5 x 36,5 x 60 - can be used in all situations where traditional cameras just can’t compete due to their size. The CUNIMA NANO also captures quality 1080p50/60 FullHD video for all future live-broadcast and film productions.


WIGE Media have developed a specific aluminum case for the CUNIMA NANO and an ultra-compact board design which makes the camera sturdy and imperishable against vibrations and acceleration impacts. Therefore, it is ideal for even the most extreme filming situations, such as onboard shootings for motocross races.

This new innovation combined with the 640 ASA light sensitivity is designed for professional broadcasts and proves to be extremely efficient for its recommended retail value of € 8000,00.

The CUNIMA NANO can be a powerful tool in the entertainment and sports industry. Whether inside a football goal net or during a live stage production – WIGE’s new miniature camera always fits.


WIGE, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institut, has already developed CUNIMA MCU types – two very successful cameras - which have satisfied a combination of a compact design and performance. WIGE Media cameras have been used in 3D films such the critically acclaimed „Wickie and the treasure of the gods“, and numerous other TV productions. Currently, these are being employed in the filming of Baz Luhrman’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ staring Leonardo DiCaprio.