Cunima @ NAB 2013

Visit CUNIMA at NAB 2013 at booth #C12716. Experience the newest innovations for the CUNIMA MCU[2] and CUNIMA NANO

WIGE Media AG, the developer of CUNIMA, is presenting the CUNIMA MCU[2] with its new features and introduce the newest developments all around CUNIMA micro HD camera systems.

WIGE Media AG has a long history in broadcasting sport events. The gained experiences made it possible to analyse the needs of broadcasters very intensely and to find constructive technical solutions for an easier and more professional way of broadcasting high quality content. The outcome was a Mini-HD camera, which could resist to extreme conditions and has very little needs: CUNIMA MCU.

High flexibility
Together with the German Fraunhofer Institut for Integrated Circuits, WIGE made it possible to combine an Altasens 4562 2/3 sensor with an extreme small unit. On top of that the low energy consumption of 5W allows a smaller battery as well. This fact allows flexible location of the camera, e.g. as an onboard cam on the door or inside of a racing car, as a chip cam on the helmet of a ski jumper or as a goal cam in the net of a soccer arrangement. In addition, the C-mount not only handles very small lenses, but can also work with typical broadcast lenses with the help of a B4-adapter.


Fast HD signal
CUNIMA does not have a frame buffer, so that it creates the native 1080i/p HDSDI signal in almost real time and can be sent directly to the HD broadcast van. This is a big convenience to ensure a smooth live broadcast because of less delay time, primarily when the signal is transmitted wireless, e.g. on a steady cam.

Extreme resistant
WIGEs productions of ski jumping and the German Bundesliga soccer league last winter with temperatures around freezing point proofed that it is perfectly prepared for this kind of challenge. Several CUNIMAs survived racing car crashes without any damage. The robustness of CUNIMA is also an important fact to ensure high quality 3D, as a synchronized stereo camera unit is very sensitive to incidents due to weather conditions and vibrations. Hance CUNIMA provides exclusive perspectives for a demanding audience.


Easy System integration
This camera system is controlled by a serial RS-485 feed to allow large distance between camera and controller (up to 800m). The used protocol is open, so that specifications are available and CUNIMA can be perfectly integrated in existing workflows. This system will adapt itself to your standards!

New accessory: CUNIMA IRIS
The latest member of the CUNIMA family - CUNIMA NANO: a highy light sensitiv micro HD camera head with a 2/3 inch global shutter CMOS sensor and CUNIMAs well known back focus adjustment feature.

The modular CUNIMA accessory concept permits a continuous and flexible adaptation of the cameras to production requirements. The latest product in the CUNIMA family is CUNIMA IRIS: Operate C-Mount lenses with full iris and focus control with the new CUNIMA RCP[5] and the RS 485 protocol.


New accessory: CUNIMA OB[1]
CUNIMA microHD camera mobile truck adapter with RCP[5] integration.
- controls up to two CUNIMA MCU[2] or NANO
- Preview and GPI control
- direct master black access
- direct CUNIMA iris control access
- Full RCP[5] integration
- 354 mm x 90mm (Grass Valley/OCP 400 size)