The Cunima Family


The CUNIMA product family including the CUNIMA MCU[2] and the all new CUNIMA NANO cameras have all the features you need.Low power consumption, the small size and highest image quality provide a basis for exceptional images and new camera angles.

Whether mounted on 3D rigs like a VFX camera on Baz Luhrmanns feature “The great Gatsby” (starring Leonardo diCaprio), or mounted onboard touring cars with wireless transmission at the well-known German DTM race series.

CUNIMA NANO is the latest _wige development - a new camera system with a 2/3 inch sensor, global shutter and 3G HDSDI with up to FullHD 1080p50/60 output.

CUNIMA NANO is the perfect system for 2D/3D live broadcasts – beauty shots, goal-cam shots or onboard shots on race cars or on video drones. Even on 3D rigs the CUNIMA NANO fits perfectly into your production environment.

CUNIMA NANO is a competent partner for 2D and 3D feature film - with its frame rate up to 50/60p in Full HD 1080p and up to 2k and RAW output (with upcoming firmware releases) CUNIMA NANO covers all currently used and future TV production and feature film formats.


CUNIMA NANO accessories - iris and focus control, control panels and outside broadcast van integration panels are currently being developed and a 300 frames per second high speed CCU is optional.

CUNIMA MCU[2] is a 2/3 inch sensor camera system with  HDSDI output up to 1080p30 and 1080i60. All without an external CCU! Plug in power, control and go for it!

CUNIMA MCU[2] gets tested in race cars! One of the hardest fields of application with vibrations, dirt and dust, heat, less power and almost no space!  _wige system developers are highly experienced in building systems for motor sport systems like DTM, Formula 1 and several feature films.


CUNIMA MCU[2] saves your time! No frame buffer is included, hence CUNIMA MCU[2] does not have an output delay. Due to this fact, CUNIMA works perfect with wireless transmitting systems and is often used with the Vislink wireless transmitting system.