CSI Introduces Internal Battery-Powered 3G-SDI Fiber Optic Link

Fiberlink® SDI Beamer™ transmits 3G/HD/SD-SDI over fiber using an internal battery or external DC power

Communications Specialties, Inc. (CSI), a leading worldwide provider of fiber optic transmission technology for the video and broadcast industry, announced the revolutionary Fiberlink® SDI Beamer™ today. The Fiberlink SDI Beamer is unique in that it can be powered externally or via an internal 9-volt battery. When both power sources are used in conjunction, the 9V battery acts as a fail-safe, glitch-free backup with no interruption to the transmitted signal should you lose power.

“One only has to look at the most recent Super Bowl to realize that battery backups are critical for today’s in-the-field broadcast environments,” says Paul Seiden, Director of Sales. “The Fiberlink SDI Beamer is a full-featured, SMPTE compliant optical system offering piece of mind with dual, fail-safe power sources. Additionally, it can operate for up to 5 hours on its internal battery power alone, providing quick and easy deployment for short, drop-and-shoot scenarios where getting on-air in minutes is critical.”

Fiberlink SDI Beamer supports 3G, HD and SD-SDI data rates as well as DVB-ASI per SMPTE specifications and works with both single mode and multimode fiber right out of the box. The transmitter’s input is equalized and the receiver’s output is reclocked. Made for in-the-field use, Fiberlink SDI Beamer comes equipped with a locking ring power connector and a chain-attached ST dust cap. Fiberlink SDI Beamer is compatible with all other CSI SDI Fiberlink® and Copperlink™ products including the Fiberlink® Matrix. Fiberlink SDI Beamer is also compatible with any SMPTE 297-2006 compliant product.

Fiberlink SDI Beamer is immediately available for shipping.