Crowd puller GhosT-OLED on ISE booth at LANG

Exhibit and information merge symbiotically to a new form of representation. Viewing habits are broken. The image- and graphic information is free floating in a high-contrast quality in front of the exhibit.

GhosT-OLED stands for modern and highly regarded media technology at point of sale. High-quality objects can be thus presented in an ambitious way at fairs, exhibitions and retails. ISE visitors could convince themselves from the media success of this technique on LANG’s booth. The presented GhosT-OLED installation showed the media-cope production of a real 3D model.

The view through the display offers the inspection of the individual illuminated object. The transparent OLED requires no backlight for the image presentation because the pixels are self luminous. This in turn enables an accentuated and specific illumination for a perfect product presentation of the exhibit that is located behind the display. Lucent OLED displays will be available at LANG in many variations for sale and rental soon.
Optionally the display can be equipped with an interactive touch function. 

LANG AG is one of Europe’s leading wholesalers – for hire and for sale – of visual presentation technologies. As a reliable and capable partner, LANG guarantees highest quality in its product range and service. Due to continuous research and development, LANG is always at the cutting-edge of presentation technologies. Under the name SOLUTIONS, LANG AG develops, designs and produces individual product solutions for professional users in the AV industry. Due to its independence in the market and also experienced specialists as contact, manufacturers as well as customers use the intensive exchange of experience in product development, the design of projects and prior to purchasing decisions. Support services, even as an official service centre for well-known manufacturers, supplement the sales and complete the range of services of LANG AG.