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Cost-Saving Lighting Miracles


Lighting Cameraman Mark Moreve from Great Britain films mostly entertainment programs and documentaries for television. He used the Micro and MicroPro LED lights by Litepanels, a Vitec Group brand, for film work for the BBC and the British Press Association.

Mark Moreve has been working as a freelance lighting cameraman for different television programs for 14 years. While filming interviews for the BBC, he used the Micro and MicroPro Litepanels mostly as an eye light and as a fill light. "The easy handling won me over," the experienced cameraman reports, "with the stepless dimmer dial on the LED lights, I can control the desired degree of fill with one turn."

Convenience with battery operation

Both the Micro and the MicroPro can be operated with commercially available AA batteries. "Thus, the handy lights can literally be used anywhere. Since the energy supply does not depend on the camera, they can be flexibly positioned to light things in the background or to illuminate faces more sophisticatedly," explains Mark Moreve. In addition, the energy consumption of the Litepanels is especially low since the LED lights hardly generate any heat and thus no energy is lost. With four AA batteries, the Litepanels Micro – during uninterrupted operation – can provide 1.5 hours of light – the slightly bigger MicroPro requires six batteries for the same duration.


Attractive lighting options

The MicroPro was used as a key light during the so-called Vox Pops, a series of short interviews on the streets, for the British Press Association. "To avoid shadows, I like working with the diffusion gel filter. The other two Litepanels filters that are supplied are also very practical when it comes to achieving effects or playing with light," says Moreve. The cameraman's conclusion: "I have to admit that I first thought that that the housing of the Litepanels was somewhat sensitive. But the light weight, the practical battery operation, and the easy handling quickly won me over. Now, the Litepanels are part of my standard equipment kit.