CONNEX by Amimon Delivered Market Leading Innovation for Aerial Imagery at Drone World Expo

“As drone applications continue to proliferate, there is an increased need for improvement in image quality to meet the expanded applications,” said David Shefler, Vice President, Sales, Amimon. “Through our CONNEX offering, we are enabling users across applications to create high quality video to meet these demands while also helping to galvanize industry growth and safety.”

Delivering full HD video quality with zero-latency transmission with a range of up to 1,000 meters (3,300 feet), the flying sessions will demonstrate the advantages of CONNEX wireless HD video technology over standard definition or lower resolution images in the UAV market. CONNEX includes a robust 5GHz radio with sophisticated 2x5 MIMO and automatic channel selection (AFS) which allows CONNEX to ensure resilient connectivity at all times, free from interference from UAV controls and other 2.4GHz radio links. A multicasting feature supports up to four screens simultaneously while maintaining excellent HD video. CONNEX is ideal for broadcast, inspection, aerial photography, crowd control and other applications that require real-time control of both camera and drone. The solution includes all antennas, cables and connectors required for air and ground unit setup.


CONNEX is optimized to support PPM gimbals and DJI CAN-Bus flight controller telemetry, adding to existing support for SBUS gimbals and the Mavlink protocol of 3DR. Co-existence with other 5GHz transmitters allows support of drones that feature a secondary transmitter. Other features include an on-screen display with yaw and directional arrows and a fail-safe mechanism for gimbal control for improved safety and reliability.

About Amimon
Wireless HD video connectivity is creating a revolution in content creation and consumption. AMIMON, a market leader in zero latency wireless HD video, has invented exclusive technology to harness the power of mobile cameras and fixed video sources, to bring HD content to remote display screens or distribution switches. AMIMON’s systems utilize its core technology to deliver convenience and flexibility to create, transmit and view content on remote devices with the highest image quality. Amimon is the developer of CONNEX a breakthrough wireless video solution for aerial drones.
AMIMON is headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices in Herzlia, Israel; Tokyo, Japan; and Taipei, Taiwan.