ColorSource Spot joins ETC’s budget LED family

Buying LEDs on a tight budget no longer has to result in poor lighting. With ETC’s new ColorSource® Spot, you’ll find the best color and quality available in an affordable LED profile.

Developed by color experts, manufactured at ETC’s Wisconsin-based headquarters, and supported by an award-winning commitment to service, this cost-conscious spotlight can upgrade the inventories of small venues like schools, houses of worship, and local theaters without a large price tag.

Incorporating red, blue, green and lime emitters, ColorSource Spot delivers a color range that outshines other budget LEDs. “The color is what sets it apart,” explains ETC Fixtures Product Manager Jim Uphoff. “Compared to RGB fixtures or RGB with amber or white, ColorSource Spot establishes a new benchmark. We’re redefining the concept of ‘cheap LEDs’ by offering brightness and color quality at a price point that others simply can’t match.”


ETC tests every luminaire to rigorous standards, ensuring color consistency from one fixture to the next. And while most LEDs see their color degrade over the course of a show due to heat, ColorSource Spot was designed to compensate for thermal droop, giving you color you can count on, from your first cue to curtain call.


And color is just the start. ColorSource Spot is also easy to use, with a simple user interface on the rear of the fixture that lets you set it up quickly and have it shining in seconds, with or without a control console. It is RDM capable and the rugged design ensures a long life in your inventory. ETC also added the ability to outfit these new profiles with existing accessories. “Versatility is always a plus,” explains ETC Entertainment Market Manager Matt Armendariz-Kerr, “so we designed ColorSource Spot to accept our Source Four LED Fresnel and CYC adapters, expanding its capabilities even more.”