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Clear-Com Solutions at NABShow2015

The LQ Series is Clear-Com's newest line of Intercom Connectivity (ICON) solutions

Clear-Com® will show its recently released LQ™ Series, IP interface devices designed for linking intercom and audio systems across long distances over IP networks, it will bring its latest digital wireless intercom system, FreeSpeak II™ wireless intercom system, and it will demonstrate the all new features available with all V-Series user panels now available through the Eclipse HX v8.0 software upgrade at NAB 2015 on Booth C5409, taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) from April 13-16, 2015.

Clear-Com to Show LQ Intercom Connectivity Solution

With LQ devices, users of 2-wire partyline intercoms and 4-wire intercom and audio systems would be able to cost-effectively and quickly expand their intercom systems with no additional wiring. All the intercom linking is achieved over IP networks: house LAN, WAN or internet.

Released in January 2015, the LQ Series is Clear-Com's newest line of Intercom Connectivity (ICON) solutions. With either the two-wire (LQ-2W2) or four-wire (LQ-4W2) options, the LQ devices are ideal for intercom users who need to cost-effectively extend their existing intercom systems to single or multiple remote locations over their IT infrastructures, eliminating lengthy audio cable runs. LQ can also interface between different intercom systems routing both call signaling and audio over LAN, WAN or Internet IP connections: 2-wire partyline with other OEM partyline systems, 2-wire with 4-wire devices, and 4-wire with 4-wire systems. The LQ-2W2 is both Clear-Com and RTS TW compatible. A maximum of six LQ Series interfaces can be linked together to form a managed network.

“Regardless of the type of intercom system being used, the LQ Series makes it easy to extend the system to the other side of a building, across campus, or across the world,” said Stephen Sandford Clear-Com’s Product Manager for Matrix and IP interfaces. “The ability to have an intercom station wherever Internet access is available is invaluable as productions become more complex and the need for reliable distributed communications becomes more important. The LQ Series addresses this need perfectly.”


These two-channel devices are light-weight, portable and compact. They are easy to deploy and do not take up valuable rack space. Configuration is effortlessly achieved over a browser based user interface. Unique features of the LQ Series devices include Power over Ethernet, auto-nulling capability, multi-cast 1 to 5 routing, auto-discovery and use of the OPUS codec for high quality audio and low bit rate transmission.

Clear-Com to Demonstrate Superior Capabilities of Freespeak II Wireless Intercom Solution

FreeSpeak II, which will have its NAB debut, has already proven to be an exceptional wireless intercom system for large scale deployments. FreeSpeak II operates in multiple license-free DECT bands from 1.897-1.933GHz. It succeeds the CellCom system in North America, which will continue to be offered for servicing and supporting existing CellCom system users.


The FreeSpeak II system delivers many improvements over CellCom. The all-new five-channel digital beltpack has an ergonomic form factor, intuitive operation and a rugged housing that is IP-65 rated for water and dust resistance. The beltpack features internal antennas, “Listen Again” audio memory replay, technician’s flash light on the underside, and real-time battery monitoring. The battery has been logged with an 18 hour continuous talk time. Beltpack users enjoy superior digital ‘Clear-Com Sound’ for clear intelligibility and ultimate audio comfort. Pairing the new beltpacks with the new distributed Active Antennas allows users to simultaneously roam across an expansive area while maintaining reliable wireless connections.

“FreeSpeak II is the wireless system that intercom users have been waiting for, whether in theatre, television, or any location where seamless mobility and high audio performance is essential,” said Simon Browne, Clear-Com’s Director of product management. “What makes FreeSpeak II stand out is not just its ability to intelligently integrate with digital intercom systems, but also the combination of digital audio clarity, innovative features, and reliable wireless connection. FreeSpeak II has made its way to the 2015 Oscars, on the War of the World Tour and on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, and proven to be a much more superior DECT wireless intercom system. Users forget that they are even on a wireless system.”

FreeSpeak II can be implemented as a standalone base station wireless system or as an integrated wireless solution within Eclipse HX matrices, known as FreeSpeak II Integra. When using the base station, up to 20 full-duplex wireless beltpacks can be connected; in an integrated matrix setup, as many as 50 (or 25 in North America) full-duplex wireless beltpacks can be used at the same time by strategically placing 10 or more distributed remote antennas to create an expansive coverage zone. These beltpack users are then able to directly communicate with any other remote or local matrix panel or other wireless or wired beltpack user who is on the Eclipse HX Matrix System network.


Clear-Com V-Series User Panels Enhanced with more IP Capabilities

As part of the Eclipse HX v8.0 configuration software upgrade, all standard IP-connected V-Series panels may operate both as fully functional intercom user panels and as multi-channel audio gateways. No additional hardware or software licenses are required. This innovative software feature extends the Eclipse HX’s existing capability to provide remote matrix intercom connectivity over diverse IP infrastructure, making audio and intercom connectivity for applications such as sports broadcasts and live events   simpler and more cost effective.

V-Series operator panels become multi-functional, 2-in-1 devices for IP communications, firstly as an intercom panel with a built-in IP interface and secondly as an IP audio gateway, routing two additional audio channels to/from its Eclipse-HX Matrix. It reduces direct equipment costs as a single unit, provides both intercom and audio distribution, and simplifies installation and operation since only one device needs to be set up and configured.

“Our ability to provide our Eclipse HX users a way to extend the operation of their V-Series panels with a simple software upgrade shows the commitment to excellence that Clear-Com makes to its customers,” said Peter Stallard, Clear-Com’s Senior Product Manager for Matrix Systems. “By installing this upgrade, users of Eclipse HX matrices already fitted with IVC-32-HX IP cards get additional features and benefits with no need for extra equipment. It's a win-win for Clear-Com and our customers.”


Each panel supports up to 3x audio channels, typically 1x Intercom with 2x Auxiliary audio channels per panel. All channels are G.722 encoded to provide 7 KHz audio bandwidth audio, and are fully integrated into the V-Series Audio mixer. All channels deliver Clear-Com’s full range of intercom functions including VOX signaling and gating, I/O level adjustment, IFB and Logic Control, while both auxiliary channels have associated GPIO’s for control and 2-way radio interfacing.

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Clear-Com, an HME company, is a trusted global provider of professional real-time communications solutions and services since 1968.  We innovate market proven technologies that link people together through wired and wireless systems.

Clear-Com was first to market portable wired and wireless intercom systems for live performances. Since then, our history of technological advancements and innovations has delivered significant improvements to the way people collaborate in professional settings where real-time communication matters. For the markets we serve -- broadcast, live performance, live events, sports, military, aerospace and government-- our communication products have consistently met the demands for high quality audio, reliability, scalability and low latency, while addressing communication requirements of varying size and complexity. Our reputation in the industry is not only based on our product achievements, but also on our consistent level of customer engagement and dedication to delivering the right solutions for specialized applications, with the expertise to make it work. Around the globe and across markets, Clear-Com’s innovations and solutions have received numerous awards and recognitions for ingenuity and impact to customers.