Clear-Com Provides KVIE-TV Staff with Customized Communications


Clear-Com® is providing KVIE-TV, Sacramento’s PBS member station, with flexible and customizable communication systems for all its original programming. The station has installed an Eclipse-Median Digital Matrix Intercom, along with the V-Series Rotary Panels, at its broadcast facility. The intercoms make it simple for KVIE to configure the communications setup in its two studios, enabling the broadcaster to meet the different demands of each production.

In addition to broadcasting national PBS programming, KVIE produces five original programs: America’s Heartland, KVIE Arts Showcase, Rob on the Road, Studio Sacramento and ViewFinder. It offers video production services for commercials, corporate presentations, training videos and other applications as well.

Due to this level of production demand at this facility, KVIE’s 25-year-old partyline system began to demonstrate difficulties in handling the communication needs of the station. While searching for an improvement on this setup, KVIE found that the Eclipse-Median allowed for easy reconfiguration of the intercom setup and adjustment of panel audio levels. The IP-based Eclipse system was also ideal since KVIE planned to transition to IP in the future.


According to KVIE Maintenance Technician Jeff Hansen, the Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS) has made it much easier to make system changes on the fly. “With our previous systems, we had to operate physical dials on multiple panels to make any kind of change,” he explains. “The Clear-Com ECS software gives us the ability to adjust our communications setup very quickly, within a matter of seconds. So, if somebody tells me that I’m missing a person on a panel or that I need to perform a specific function, I can make the change in just a few moments. It makes a big difference to the efficiency of our production workflow.”

KVIE currently employs 14 V-Series Rotary Panels in its studios. The V-Series Rotary Panels  enable production members (from the producers, technical directors to staff at various positions) to adjust system audio levels independently from one or more audio sources, including external lines, partylines and intercom from other local and remote control panels. Moreover, they support faster and easier audio mixing for IFB assignments, streamlining productions in KVIE’s fast-paced broadcast environment. “If the director is too loud in your ear, you can turn down his audio level directly on the panel,” notes Hansen. “Similarly, you can turn up audio levels of other people without having to redo the system at the core.”


Along with internal communications, the Eclipse-Median enables communication with external on-location talent via the TEL-14 interface. Also interfacing with the Eclipse matrix is a HME PRO850 wireless system, which is used for the floor director and handheld camera operators. Additionally, studio camera operators on Clear-Com’s partyline system are connected to Eclipse.

“We are thrilled that such a prestigious public broadcaster as KVIE, with its large roster of quality programming, is using the Eclipse intercom and V-Series rotary panels,” says Jay Wallace, Regional Sales Manager, Northwestern U.S., Clear-Com. “One of the biggest advantages of using Clear-Com’s Eclipse system is its ability to quickly adapt to changes in each production. This is critical in broadcast productions where unexpected challenges are the norm and rapid turnaround is required.”


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