Clear-Com Intercom and Salzbrenner Theatre Systems offer enhanced Stage Management Control


Integration via Eclipse HX’s HCI open protocol enables a rich set of control commands and remote access for intercom and stage management functions

Clear-Com, the leader in real-tiome voice communications solutions, announced today that its Eclipse HX digital intercom system can now integrate with Salzbrenner’s INSPIration stage management consoles to deliver a single, seamless and simplified control surface for theatres, performance halls and opera houses around the world.

Clear-Com’s industry-leading Eclipse HX digital intercom platform delivers tremendous flexibility, scalability and reliability over IP, Dante and AES67 Interfaces. Its V-Series intercom panels offer many physical and virtual keys allowing each panel to become a multi-functional control surface, while the Agent-IC app - available on iOS and Android platforms - enables mobile access to both intercom and Stage Management functions.

The Eclipse HX system supports HCI, an open control protocol that allows external systems to integrate with and control the Eclipse HX system. The protocol provides a rich set of control and monitor commands that are used to implement a wide variety of control applications, including crosspoint control, audio level control, panel key assignment, GPI monitoring and routing/monitoring of both conferences and IFBs.


Salzbrenner’s highly scalable INSPIration stage management system provides full integration of all required audio and paging functions in the audio matrix, including intuitive user interface with individual key assignment plus user stored and recallable presets per performance. The platform is future-proofed with the latest IP-based technology.


Integration via Eclipse HX’s HCI open protocol enables a rich set of control commands and remote access for intercom and stage management functions

By integrating Eclipse HX key panels and beltpacks with the INSPIration console via the HCI protocol, operators can have remote access to stage management functions or information, such as cue light control, paging from intercom panels and video routing control. Operators can also tailor the intercom system for scheduled or ad hoc control, reconfigure the system from show to show depending on requirements, or even change it on the fly during the show.

Peter Stallard, Senior Product Manager, Clear-Com, said, “Stage managers now have convenient access to production intercom and stage management functionalities directly from world-leading audio and communication products.”



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