Clear-Com for BroaMan Video, Audio and Intercom Transport and Routing Solutions


At NAB2018, Clear-Com®, the provider of real-time communications solution and services, will present the BroaMan-brand video, audio, intercom and data transport and routing solutions to the Broadcast market. As the trusted provider of intercom systems, Clear-Com proudly expands its infrastructure expertise to include video signal distribution and routing networks. Today, broadcast customers can turn to Clear-Com for a full range of market-proven video, intercom, and audio solutions for media conversion, routing, transport and multiplexing.

“BroaMan is known for its masterful engineering of fiber-based media networks,” said Simon Browne, Vice President of Product Management, Clear-Com. “With their very low and deterministic latency, ability to handle many high bandwidth video signals, and future-proofed for 4K video and beyond as well as future IP standards, Clear-Com is proud to partner BroaMan in providing these video and audio solutions for studio and remote Broadcast production.”

The BroaMan portfolio comprises four lines of product series for media conversion, routing and/or multiplexing.

MUX22 Series

The MUX22 Series line transports video, audio, intercom and data on the duplex fiber infrastructure. Each 1RU device comes standard with a combination of 3G-SDI I/O and with Optocore and SANE digital audio networks to deliver an all-in-one solution. The MUX22-IVT/IC422 integrates Clear-Com matrix-panel intercom connections including audio and control data transport. Each MUX22 is factory-fitted with the built-in CWDM or DWDM multiplexer which combines all signals into single fiber and is equipped with a built-in redundant PSU.


Repeat8-NANO Series

The Repeat8-NANO Series are palm-size 3G-SDI or AES10-MADI signal media converters offered at an entry-level price. These high-performance devices are capable up to four 3G-SDI coaxial video inputs or outputs that are converted to/from single-mode optical fiber. These are simple, plug-and-play devices, requiring no user configuration or software operation. The NANO system also supports simple 4K video to fiber transmission.

Repeat48 Series

For additional signal conversion and multiplexing requirements, the rackmount Repeat48 line offers six times the capacity as the Repeat8-NANO. It features up to 12 dual modules, each converting 12G/3G-SDI to fiber or fiber to 12G/3G-SDI or up to 6 dual SFP modules for fiber to fiber, SFP to SFP. Each unit converts up 24 SDI or MADI coaxial signals to fiber. Each channel can be converted to single fiber or all channels can be multiplexed into single duplex fiber cable with the built-in CWDM multiplexing module. No controlled software required.


Route66 Series

The Route66 product family networks together BroaMan devices and select third-party products into a maximum 40 x 40 matrix in different combinations of I/Os. The family is grouped into four main versions: Video Matrix - ultra-fast video switcher; Fiber Patchbay – protocol independent fiber patchbay; Optocore AutoRouter - automatically creates a ring network from star topology; Video AutoRouter – unique automatic video routing with smart stagebox homing. The built-in CWDM or DWDM multiplexer combines selected signals into single fiber and allows single-cable connection of multiple floorboxes in distant remote locations.

For certain BroaMan devices, they can be centrally controlled with the Optocore Control Software. All BroaMan products comply with SMPTE fiber standards, therefore can be used with 3rd party equipment.

BroaMan will be featured on Clear-Com’s Booth C6908 at NAB 2018, together with a wide range of Clear-Com communication solutions.



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