Clay Paky new Products at LDI 2013

A.leda B-EYE: Perfect Wash, Amazing Beam, Spectacular Graphic Effects

Greatest Clay Paky novelty of this year is A.LEDA B-EYE, a product that you will appreciate for its truly innovative concept and for its amazing features. The keywords describing A.LEDA B-EYE are: versatile and spectacular. A.LEDA B-EYE is versatile because it can be used in many di-verse ways, even within the same project. In fact this fixture is, simultaneously, a state-of-the-art LED wash-light, an amazing “beam-light” and a projector for totally unseen, stunning graphic effects.

First and foremost A.LEDA B-EYE is a perfect wash-light, generating beautiful colors and featuring an impressive, wide 6° to 70° beam aperture. The zoom however can be closed even further, down to as little as 4 degrees thus switching the light from a wash diffusion into a narrow and parallel beam. In this operating mode B-EYE becomes a “beam-light”, whose beam consists of an array of nearly indiscernible, individually controllable little beams. As in the B-EYE LEDs can be controlled one by one, the light beam is a pulsating bundle where every micro-beam has its own color and shade.

B-EYE finally introduces a totally unseen feature that turns it into a stunning effect light: the front lens can be rotated in either directions and at variable speed and many little beams are created, that can be unfolded or closed like petals. When colors and dynamic patterns are added, B-EYE generates countless kaleidoscopic projections, as no other LED fixture has ever done.


• Versatile, three operating modes: wash, beam, graphic
• Unique optical system, featuring unmatched zoom range (4°-70°) and even light spread
• Individual LED control and invisible front grid
• Enhanced color and color temperature control, with arc lamp emulation
• Exclusive parallel beam consisting of an array of individually controllable micro-beams
• Enhanced electronic engine for dynamic beam pattern design, with digital accuracy and repeatability
• Rotating front lens (K20 only) for countless kaleidoscopic effects, for aerial or projection use

A.leda CC, TW, W
New additions to the A.LEDA LED-washlight family
For those applications where a simpler, yet powerful washlight is required, Clay Paky developed a new fixture named A.LEDA CC (Color Changer), featuring R-G-B-White color mixing. When color changing is not required, the new Clay Paky A.LEDA TW (Tuneable White) can be used, providing tuneable color temperature through additive mixing, ranging from 2600 to 7500 K. Finally, for the simplest applications, Clay Paky has created A.LEDA W (White), a moving head LED flood-light generating a fixed 7500 K white light.


• A.LEDA CC: Clay Paky quality for an excellent wash-light with enhanced color and color temperature control
• A.LEDA TW: high quality white light, with smoothly tuneable color temperature; tungsten lamp emulation
• A.LEDA W: punchy moving head floodlight, with even light diffusion

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